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5 top podcasts to listen to during the lockdown

5 top podcasts to listen to during the lockdown

15 Jun, 2020

Are you feeling the disconnect with your inner self given how busy you suddenly have become? We know its not easy – you are working from home, tending to house chores, all this coupled with the stress and anxiety of a lockdown is enough to put anyone off-balance.  That is why we bring to you a list of pick-me-up, spiritual podcasts that will help calm your foggy mind. The best thing about podcasts – hook it up and listen to it while typing away an email, or doing a household chore. The best thing about the list we have compiled for you? It comes recommended by our CEO, Pinky Daga!


In his innate calm and composed style, Sadhguru, in his podcasts, talks about a whole gamut of topics. From the importance of mental health, physical health, parenting, current issues, to anxiety, fear, happiness, and a lot more. He also has learned and fun guests on his podcasts who share tips and nuggets from their own lives.

Jay Shetty

He has had some exemplary guests on his show. The likes of Kobe Bryant, Dr Joe Dispenza, Martin Luther king Jr., Alicia Keys, and so many others. But that’s not the only reason why you should listen to him.. He discusses a lot of relatable issues such as bad decisions, anxiety, relationships, and a lot more.

Gaur Gopal Das

What is the one thing we all want to experience? True, deep, spiritual peace, right! If that’s your quest too, then you should listen Gaur Gopal Das’ podcasts. His talks touch upon his own experiences in the spiritual world and how the shift came by for him. He is a well-travelled monk who has coached the who’s who of the corporate world, and talks on a lot of relatable issues.

Unlocking us

Presented by Brene Brown, this is a podcast to listen to for topics such as anxiety, loneliness, and stories of courage. Brene is an acclaimed researcher and invites some exemplary guests on his podcast. The likes of Reese Witherspoon, Jay and Mark Duplass, Harriete Lerner, and more have graced his show.

Ten Percent Happier

From hour-long podcasts for when you are really into it, to short 10-minute ones to hear when you want something snappy and quick, Dan Harris’ podcasts have something for everyone. Harris, a news anchor, had a panic attack on his show once, and what led changed his life. He realised he needed to change his life for good, and that’s how he found the art of meditatioin. Now he shares his experiences and wisdom through his podcast.

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