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7 unconventional ways to deck-up your house for Christmas

7 unconventional ways to deck-up your house for Christmas

23 Dec, 2019

Christmas is just around the corner and we can’t wait for the festivities to begin, and of course, receive gifts! The most exciting part of Christmas is the excitement of prepping for the festival, mostly decorating the house and Christmas tree. Decorating the tree and singing Christmas carols is a good way to bond with your family and that is what defines the festival. But how about taking things a notch up and doing something out of the box. Don’t scratch your head, we will help you out.   

A Green Christmas

How about adding a touch of green to the festivities? Introduce elements like fresh flowers, pine cones and other decorations found abundantly in nature. It is also a good time to get some house plants and adorn them with lights! Decked up plants will not only look super-cute, but also help keep your house fresh. 

Think colours, think creative

While green, red and white are traditional colours of this season, how about experimenting and introducing more colours? After all, various colours affect our moods differently! So go ahead, go creative. Play around with colours and make the festival as colourful as you want.  

Minimal is the way to go

Jingling bells, carols, music – sometimes the festivities can be very loud, and we all know how bad noise pollution is. This year, why not go easy on the noises and instead choose a quiet and peaceful theme? Cute stocking all over your house, or twinkling lights all over look festive and are easy on the senses. 

Don’t forget food

Christmas is not just about decorations and lights, it is about everything that makes us happy, and food is definitely a huge part. How about Christmas themed cookies and cakes. What’s better than having a festive spread of food, decorated in the theme of your Christmas decoration? I’ll tell you what is – a family to share it with

Go vintage

Whether it’s a wooden snowflake, an antique reindeer, or an old elf figurine – vintage never goes out of fashion. Try a vintage décor in case you are out of ideas for decoration this Christmas season.  

Christmas has always been about coming together and celebrating with friends and family, and that is the spirit of Christmas – creating a space that is happy, warm and comfortable for everyone. Remember that this is also the time to unwind and connect with yourself, and your decoration should reflect that. 

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