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9 Wild “lessons in love” from the Mara plains where the raw world mirrors human life

9 Wild “lessons in love” from the Mara plains where the raw world mirrors human life

30 Jan, 2019

Thriive CEO, Pinky Daga, shares her incredibly eye-opening lessons in love from the Mara plains in Africa.

An incredible awe-inspiring opening to 2019 within the Mara plains disconnected me from the world but reconnected me to things that truly matter. As I saw that wild raw world mimic and mirror human life, I couldn’t help but learn that…


Beauty exists everywhere, in the natural and urban jungle. Our only job is to be able to see it. Find that magic and you’ve found Heaven on Earth.

No matter who says what… or however much we may feel alone…every living soul is connected. No one who’s seen the lionesses hunt and chase as one… or the male deer, once defeated, form their own “boy’s club” …can doubt it! Love and connections do make the world go round!


If we can see differences as just another expression of the Universe and let every living creature just be who they are, we could live in perfect harmony. Never heard the baboons say to the elephant: “You’re too fat and dark!”


Species that mate for life are rarely hunted together. They stay the strongest and are the least stressed, till one of them dies. They all have an instinctive knowing of their mate. Well, atleast somewhere in the world someone is honouring ‘Till death do us part ” and true love is not just a myth.


There is no greater unconditional love than that of a mother. Everywhere they are programmed with the instinct to protect and nurture. All creatures who can respect it, bloom and grow.

If we can allow ourselves to just be, all unfolds as it should. If the magnificent Lion King can surrender and trust the Universe… then the mere human is just foolish to resist!


There are predators everywhere and the ones being hunted need to be smart enough to run or fight back with everything they’ve got. Never saw the Impala just stand there…cry…complain or bemoan their fate!


The chase for the elusive is exciting…yet sometimes what’s right in front of our eyes is so much prettier, gentler, and easier. Think Rhinos v/s Zebras.


Love the world…all the life in it…in every corner…even the darkest…for in that we are honouring our own divinity and becoming God!

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