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A brief guide on Angels and how to invoke them

A brief guide on Angels and how to invoke them

23 Jun, 2020

The traditional study of Angels consists of qualities of each Angel, as well as its corresponding human distortions in order to allow us an in-depth understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), the Source Code of our conscience, the positive and negative potential that dwells in each of us. These very ancient and original lists of Angelic qualities is the  essence of our existence and the purpose of our evolution. They have been adapted to the contemporary, modern era for universal use. Working regularly with the Angels by repeating the name as a mantra allows us access to our subconscious and activates our capacity to receive dreams and signs, as well as to structure our inner work to develop our Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Haritha Nayak, an expert on dream interpretation and analysis, Angelic Yantra and Rebirthing discusses the significance of Angels and how to invoke them.
Qualities of an Angel
An Angel is not a little being with wings. It represents a pure state of consciousness of divine qualities and virtues. It is a very ancient metaphor explaining our capacity to dream and to travel in the multi-dimensions of our conscience. Working with Angels is basically very simple. All we have to do is to repeat the name of an Angel like a mantra, as often as possible, preferably only one Angel name at a time over a period of at least five days to focus on the facet of our conscience, and on developing the qualities, virtues and divine powers the Angel represents. We can then  gradually imbibe and integrate the qualities of an Angel, multi-dimensional knowledge and new potential, as well as modifying our memories and who we are. Depending on our past memories,  the Angel manifests either in a pure way, or brings out our human distortions, so we can cleanse them and understand ourselves. In our dreams and everyday situations, we then encounter exactly those characteristics (qualities or human distortions) of the Angel we have been invoking. By paying attention to our dreams and everyday situations and experiences, we can recognize the human distortions associated with the Angels. This allows us to consciously participate in the work the Angel does, and provides us with a very precise map of our conscience and of our travels via our dreams in the multi-dimensions of the our life and parallel worlds.
Invocation of Angels
Repeat the name as often as possible during the day while you meditate, walk, exercise, cook, and before going to sleep. Prepare a dream journal. You will see that all your dreams and signs will correspond to the Angel you invoke. Take note that you can receive beautiful dreams but also nightmares. Do not be afraid, it a process that is normal and that will benefit you by cleansing and evacuating your negative memories. Continue to do this practice for five minutes for five days or more with the same Angel to create the connection and activate the state of consciousness in you. Your dreams will become more real, more vivid and very intense and you will be able to start to interpret them.
Each one of us has a heavenly support team which is made up of God, the Archangels, past spiritual masters (highly spiritual beings who walked the Earth), spirit guides, and loved ones in spirit. All of these beings hear your prayers which are sent through the invisible network at heart of our spirits which connects us with all beings. When praying, many appeal to our Creator, God, with prayers first and foremost. When calling on specific Archangels, past spiritual masters, spirit guides, and loved ones in spirit to help, we are asking God’s appointed volunteers to assist us directly through the gifts bestowed upon them by God to act as an advocate on our behalf for the delivery and answering of our prayers.
The Archangels have been given the monumental tasks of managing life on Earth, including the creation and facilitation of soul contracts, life paths, the spiritual development of souls, order within the natural world, and much more. Each Archangel has a different area of expertise which works in conjunction with all of the other Archangels to ensure the best possible journeys for all on Earth while working in tandem with Heaven and God’s plans.
Angel Jeliel
Guardian Angel Jeliel is the angel of love and wisdom. The meaning of his name is the helping God. In the Jewish culture, Guardian Angel Jeliel belongs to the angel choir called Chajoth Ha Qadesh, under archangel Metatron. But in the Christian culture, Jeliel is considered to be one of the Seraphims. He is the patron of couples, marriages and relationships. He brings love and wisdom into your life. Guardian Angel Jeliel can solve any conflict or dispute. He has the ability to materialize your true and kind wishes. Jeliel has a big mission to spread and manifest love everywhere. When you face problems and you have to talk to someone, Guardian Angel Jeliel is the best listener and conciliator. He has the ability to teach you how to create a harmonious life with your partner and family. Jeliel can show you the calmness and inner peace within you.
Angel Leuviah
Guardian Angel Leuviah is the angel of expansive intelligence. Firstly, his name means “The Swiftly Hearkening God”. In the Jewish culture, Guardian Angel Leuviah is an Alarim. Therefore, his supervisor is Zadkiel, the archangel. But in the Christian culture, he is a Throne.
Guardian Angel Leuviah is the angel of fruition, abundance and expansive intelligence. He protects our memory and history. Leuviah possess the memories we accumulated through our past lives. He protects the cosmic memory  known as the Akashic Records. He holds a lot of universal and cosmic knowledge. Guardian Angel Leuviah allows us the ability to learn and memorize more and easier. He helps us to discover the reasons behind our feelings. He also represents patience, modesty and acceptance. This beautiful angel holds knowledge about the past, present and the future.
Archangel Michael- The Defender and Protector 
Archangel Michael is a very powerful angel who protects and defends people. He represents truth and justice. He symbolizes the victory of good over evil, and he has been widely represented in art through the ages.  Of all the Archangels, Michael is the leader. He is often depicted with a sword in his hand. He appears to be as bright and shimmering golden energy (this color is associated with the higher heavenly energy chakras located well above the head), as an image of a brilliant golden wing, in human form dressed in white with wings and carrying a sword or glowing with a gold aura, and in the form of birds of prey, such as falcons and hawks. His healing extends to all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit, including healing from the loss of a loved one, addictions, physical ailments, depression, the restoration of faith, and assistance with the cutting of relationship cords. Archangel Michael is also the protector of those who work within the light of God.
Archangel Raphael – The Divine Healer of Physical Ailments
This amazing Archangel has been assigned with the healing of humankind on every level, but especially for the healing of the physical bodies of all living creatures. Raphael appears to be as deep royal blue energy (the color is associated with the third-eye chakra located on the forehead between the eyebrows), in human form dressed in white with wings and hands held at chest-level facing outward to bring healing or with a stunning azure blue aura, and in the form of a wolf or deer. The nurturing energies of the wolf as it cares for its young, as well as its strong loyalty and fierce protectiveness are combined to help with the healing process. Archangel Raphael may appear in the form of a deer as a sign of reassurance regarding healing and as a reminder to be gentle with the self and others as you go through the healing process. Call on Archangel Raphael when you or those that you love are in need of healing of the physical body.
Archangel Azrael – The Benevolent Transformer of Mental and Emotional Anxieties
A tower of strength, this Archangel’s responsibilities include helping us to heal from the loss of a loved one, as well as from depression and illnesses which affect our mental and emotional systems. Archangel Azrael also helps those in the process of transitioning from life on Earth to an existence in Heaven. This Archangel appears to be as bright red energy, which is associated with the root chakra at the base of our spines. Red is a grounding energy which helps us to be at home here on Earth. Archangel Azrael also appears to me in human form dressed in white holding a red, glowing heart symbolizing the love employed with healing, and as a reminder of our connection with one another through unconditional love. Doves are another form Archangel Azrael takes as they are signs of peace and carry with them the reminder to be at peace with yourself and your circumstances. When calling on Archangel Azrael for assistance with stressful situations, addictions, grief, depression and mental or emotional illnesses, the person on the receiving end of the assistance may experience an unusual state of calm which settles over them. It is not a euphoric feeling, but rather one of stability and inner stillness because Azrael is preventing the negative voice of the human ego from penetrating and taking over the thoughts of the recipient.
Archangel Chamuel – The Divine Benefactor of Unconditional Love
This is the Archangel of unconditional love and self-love. Archangel Chamuel appears to be in energy form as soft green or pink energy filled with love (these colors are associated with the heart chakra), in human form with wings and dressed in pink or green robes with hands placed over the heart, and in the form of a rabbit or hare. The energy of the rabbit is a reminder of gentle love and warmth. Rabbits create burrows in the Earth to house themselves and their families. Grouped together, they snuggle for warmth and care for one another when storms rage overhead. In this manner, Archangel Chamuel brings us great warmth within our hearts and encourages us to reach out to others with love and caring, as well as to provide caring for ourselves. The healing this Archangel brings centers around the heart chakra and the healing of emotional issues surrounding relationships with ourselves and others. Call on Archangel Chamuel for help with loving and appreciating who you are, as well as for help with all relationships in your life.
Archangel Gabriel – The Great Messenger
This Archangel has been assigned the creation of ideas and creativity, belief in oneself and one’s goals, and is known as the Great Messenger. Archangel Gabriel appears to be energetically as vibrant violet energy (the color is associated with the crown chakra at the top of the head through which spirit communication flows), in human form with wings and dressed in white while holding the golden horn, and in the form of a crow, raven, or lion. The energy of the crow and the raven focus on messages from other realms. Archangel Gabriel acts as a muse to share inspirational messages to those on Earth to stimulate progress and bring new ideas into being. With that energy comes a strong belief in the self to carry out the objectives and goals to completion. Spiritual openness and the ability to utilize the simplicity, trust, and innocence we experience as children are areas in which Archangel Gabriel assists. Call on Archangel Gabriel for help with ideas, inspiration in creative pursuits, and the energy, opportunities, and resources to complete projects. The energy of the lion, which symbolizes the strength, determination and playfulness brought to us by Archangel Gabriel, helps us with our goals while reminding us to take rest when needed to restore the mind, body, and spirit to full capacity.

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