Affirmations work like Magic |
Affirmations work like Magic

Affirmations work like Magic

8 Dec, 2020

While studying Hypnotherapy, Archana Kulkarni, a Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Regression Therapist and the owner of Jeevan Magick found affirmations to be very useful. She learnt that healing begins with the use of affirmations. When we speak into existence through affirmations, we cause something to change in our subconscious mind. In India, since childhood, we hear that our destiny is decided by the Bhagyavidhata and we have to go through life as per our karmas. However, it is possible to redirect the course of our lives with the help of affirmations.

Think about what you want

Archana was listening to a discourse given by a Swamiji from Yogoda Satsanga Society of India (YSS). Swamiji explained how our physical body comes into existence. He said first the causal body is created which is made up of thoughts. Just like if we want to construct a building, first, the thought or a desire has to be born.  When the energy of a particular thought becomes more condensed, the astral body comes into existence. Just like once we finalise a plan of constructing a building, we put the plan on paper. So we give a physical form to our thoughts. Then we execute the construction work.

The causal body and the divine plan for our lives

 Since our current reality is created because of a thought in the causal body, we can alter our current reality through new powerful thoughts. By using affirmations, we change our thought patterns which then causes a shift in the astral body resulting in a shift in our current reality. The causal body is the link between the universal plan and the divine plan for the soul. It contains information about past karmas as well as the divine plan for the soul. We should strive to change those parts of our reality which we have created from our past lives which includes our wrong beliefs and negative emotions like hatred, guilt, shame, anger etc. We should also clear the clutter from our subconscious mind. Once it is cleared, our causal body can execute the divine plan for us which is for our highest good. As we clear the clutter, our intuitive faculties open up and we tend to do things which brings us happiness, joy, success, health, wealth and peace in our life. The first step towards healing begins when we are ready to stop blaming others for our problems.
Keep working on your self and transform your life!!!
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