An Interview With Dr. Fred Alan Wolf AKA Dr. Quantum |
An Interview With Dr. Fred Alan Wolf AKA Dr. Quantum

An Interview With Dr. Fred Alan Wolf AKA Dr. Quantum

19 Jan, 2018

In this email interview with Dr. Fred Alan Wolf AKA Dr. Quantum, we learn a few out-of-the-textbook things about Quantum Physics (*hint: it plays a major role in self-transformations)

Thriive: You are renowned worldwide for your study connecting Physics to consciousness. Physics and Spirituality is such a strange combination. Could you tell us how it all began for you?

Fred Alan Wolf:  As a child I began to wonder about light and that wonderment led me to study physics.  I have always felt the presence of God in my life so this early enquiry led me to ask how God made light.

Thriive: How can a layperson understand what consciousness is?

Fred Alan Wolf:  Good question.  The best answer I can give is that we have no adequate way to describe consciousness for to do so we would need to find another property that we could compare it with—and there is none. Hence not only are lay people not able to understand consciousness, but we physicists are also in the dark.

Thriive: How can one use Quantum Physics (QP) to transform one’s life? Could you share with us any incident in your practice where QP made a miraculous – and immediately noticeable difference?

Fred Alan Wolf:  Quantum physics is the closest way of thinking we humans have evolved to describe the magic and mystery of existence.  Even though it hasn’t given us nearly all of the answers we would hope for, it has shown a necessary connection between mind and matter—specifically how the choices we make in the world have an effect on how we are able manifest and improve ourselves. By thinking in a quantum physics manner, I have been able to train my mind to be able to see both sides of conflicts whether they are within my own experience or outside of that experience. This has given me a more peaceful and compassionate existence.

Thriive: What can the attendees look forward to in your session at QEC2?

Fred Alan Wolf:  My multi-media presentations are a tapestry of didactic information, experiential exercises, audio/visual support and live interactions with the audience.  The workshops are entirely experiential, with people experiencing their brains as they play with ideas, sounds, pictures, and their own mindsets.

Thriive: What role have the traditional sciences from India played in Quantum energy?

Fred Alan Wolf: Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. To accomplish this we must use the most modern of sciences, quantum physics, and the ancient wisdom from thousands of years ago as perhaps taught in the Bhagavad Gita. By following both, you not only will change yourself, you will be empowered to change the world. This all has to do with learning to use your powers of perception — the manner in which you go about making observations in the everyday world you call your life. In quantum physics, we call this the “observer effect” and the “power of intent.”

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf aka Dr. Quantum (USA) is our star speaker at QEC2 (in case you missed it in the cover pic ;)). You can catch his session there on 27th Jan 2018 from 3:00pm – 5:30pm. To register and to know more, visit HERE.

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