Are you a Thriiver? Because Rashmi is! |
Are you a Thriiver? Because Rashmi is!

Are you a Thriiver? Because Rashmi is!

2 Feb, 2017

You know what they say about challenging circumstances, right? That pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. Let’s tweak it a bit and say that “Pain is not permanent but quitting lasts forever.” This is true in all life situations – be it emotional or chronical.. And to beat these sometimes can become an unbeatable task in itself. Dealing with Cancer is one of them.

The thought of having any kind of cancer is deadly numbing, it is even more soul churning to face the unknown. Am I going to get out of this alive? But that’s where the mind game begins just like a wise man once said, “Everything begins with a thought and ends with a thought–it is all a mind-game.” But is it true when cancer strikes you?  Can we see problems of life, death and everything in between as a way for our soul to evolve? Can we be grateful to cancer?!! Many would vehemently disagree, but Rashmi, who is a proud cancer survivor, has a different take.

Being an ovarian cancer survivor, she tells her story, “Every 1st Jan, I would seek blessings from Lord Ganesha, so 1st Jan 2016 after saying thank you requested him to make the rest of my life, the best of my life and guess what he was listening. On 8th Jan 2016, I made a visit to my gynecologist because I had missed my regular cycle and I would have shooting pain in my legs by the end of the day. My gut was proven right when immediately after the sonography my doctor said there is a mass in my ovary which didn’t look good.. So we need to investigate it. I had a conversation with my guiding light and asked him “show me that you are walking with me”. It was as if I was having a conversation with God and after that at every step, he used to show me he was there with me.”

“My fear came alive after seeing the MRI and my CA marker reports. But with a lot of faith and self belief I started to shift my outlook towards the positive things in my life. My surgery lasted for 8 hours but I must say that the surgeon who operated me was a god-sent person. There were no major complications during the surgery. Everything was happening on time, my partner stood like a rock with me, my sister who had just relocated from US was by my side during my toughest Journey.. I was blessed to have support from my parents and my in laws too.The support group which I had during my battle with Cancer was commendable.All my friends and my loved once stood strong.”

“During my journey I understood that there are few elements which helped me fight my battle against Cancer – having the right medical treatment, proper diet, physical fitness to deal with all the chemo sessions, and most important one is creating POSITIVE THOUGHTS i.e RIGHT Mental fitness. There is medicine on one hand and then there is mind-game on the other. Any situation that comes to you, I believe that it is to teach you something. The minute you learn why understand the reason it has come to you, that is the end of that situation. My cancer was the blessing in disguise. It had come to help me grow beautifully from the inside. It helped me reinvent myself.”

“During the journey of healing and meditating I realized that I had stored so many unwanted thoughts from childhood, teenage years, first job, and the list can go on. I don’t know where I had lost that charm of me being only Rashmi and this was creating stress in my life. Truly Speaking, “I wasn’t satisfied with my life.” There was so much chaos inside me that I had to calm myself down to understand the chaos outside. Of course, I had many unwanted and scary thoughts associated with my recovery but I had learnt how to deal with them through meditation.”

“Post treatment, I continued to do my meditation, kept eating right and kept exercising. Even though I had severe neuropathy as a side effect of chemo where walking or even holding a pen would be very difficult, I enrolled myself for a training to run and completed two marathons with the Pinkathon Group.”

“I feel every cancer has something to say. Start understanding yourself. People don’t listen to their body and most of us take cancer as a punishment. No, please stand TALL against Cancer. I believe that CANCER IS CURABLE.
I want to Inspire many who have surrendered themselves in the hands of this evil. And which is why I have organised a Walk on 4th Feb – World Cancer Day – WALK TALL AGAINST CANCER.”

Do join me in this MISSION.

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