Are you truly spiritual? |
Are you truly spiritual?

Are you truly spiritual?

24 Jun, 2019

If you have taken on the spiritual path, there is a huge likelihood that at some point you will ask yourself this question – well I did. Not making any judgments but I do see many Instagram quotes and people around me who talk the spiritual lingo but are far from acting on it OR completely have misunderstood spirituality!

So here is a quick guide to spot if your spiritual path is got a bit deviated – the attempt here is only to bring ourselves back to what we are trying to achieve through the spiritual journey. So don’t be offended, instead, let us allow ourselves to see this as education.

#1 You only connect with someone who talks the spiritual language

It is funny that initially when we get on this path, we only want to hear this lingo! We see it as signs and the universe’s direction and begin to think that we have evolved ONLY because we are crossing paths with those who talk this language! Judgments start flowing in about those who don’t; superiority complex starts forming because we are spiritual and someone else is not; life seems aligned only if we hang with those who are in the ‘spiritual world’ (don’t miss my inverted commas!). We love the language more than anything else! In fact so much so that we forget we are judging, we are separating and we are actually not aligning. We try to find this in our dates, relationships, and friends like a massive filter!!! “Oh! he doesn’t know the spiritual lingo, well then he isn’t evolved!”. We don’t spot this easily because we are so deeply drawn by it that it really needs a bit of zoom out to know that this is the opposite of spirituality!

#2 You share spiritual quotes and more but actually don’t act on it

Such a huge gap, right? As a coach, I have seen a lot of evidence of it in my clients, other coaches and friends – and I do ask some of them up front with lots of love and quality questions but I also ask myself very often when I’m sharing stuff – do I practice this? If not can I practice this right away while I share it? Without action, we are faking it and here ‘fake it till you make it’ doesn’t work! We often do it to get loads of likes, feel more significant about ourselves and sometimes even to prove – “Hey I am spiritual and evolved. Are you??” When we reflect on this, the only person who isn’t really gaining from this is the one who doesn’t practice it. So here is another red flag we need to find.

#3 You cannot show negative emotions (even in your own private place)

Anger is bad. Frustration is bad. Disappointment is bad. Sadness is bad. Negative emotions are terrible! If we display them, then we aren’t spiritual yet! Our own blind rules that we have created to differentiate us from others, taking us away from being authentic, real and ‘truly spiritual’ (again don’t miss the inverted commas). If this is our thought process, we need a check ASAP!!!

We owe it to ourselves and to this beautiful spiritual journey to not make this a cult, religion or elite community. Each of us should do an internal check on this so we can be truly spiritual and influence others by just being ourselves. Authenticity and integrity are written on the entry door of the spiritual journey – hope we aren’t missing those signs.

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