Aryaman Darda, with his Little Planet Foundation, is inspiring planet conservation |
Aryaman Darda, with his Little Planet Foundation, is inspiring planet conservation

Aryaman Darda, with his Little Planet Foundation, is inspiring planet conservation

30 Dec, 2019

There are about a hundred billion planets in the universe, and we are blessed to be on this one. Life has prospered on this planet, and it is a beautiful place to be in. But we all are aware that there are a lot of things wrong with the well-being of our planet, and we need to take corrective steps. The Little Planet Foundation is a not for profit initiative by Aryaman Darda, a tenth grader, that is working towards generating awareness and provide support for wildlife, marine life, and nature preservation in every possible way.  Aryaman had an idea of a world where the eco-system was nurtured and cared for, and out of that belief, Little Planet Foundation (LPF) began.

It began with Aryaman’s journey around the world where he traveled to various sanctuaries to pursue wildlife and nature photography to generate awareness amongst the locals about flora and fauna. Since his first photography exhibition in October 2017 in Mumbai, Aryaman, with his Little Planet Foundation, has traveled around the world. He has traveled four continents, while exploring countries closer to the equator like Kenya, Tanzania, and Botswana; he has also explored the scenic beauty of Iceland and the Banff National Park in Canada. The LPF aims at undertaking activities that will create an environment for developing and taking care of the environment.

“Aryaman plans to use his photography as a tool to spread awareness and the Little Planet Foundation is a way of creating a platform for like-minded people”, says Mr Devendra Fadnavis, a former Chief Minister of Maharashtra. You can also become a citizen of the ‘Little Planet’ with your ideas, experiences, or funds that can help LPF to achieve its goal.

LPF is working with Sanctuary Nature Foundation, a leader in wilderness conversation in India. Along with Tamenglong Animals Home, which is an animal shelter in Manipur, whose mission is to protect and conserve the biodiversity in their state. LPF also has ties with the Terre Policy Centre, a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to solving daily life problems to increase sustainability. 

Mr Bittu Sahgal, environmental activist, and also the founder of the Sanctuary Nature Foundation had some inspiring words for Aryaman and LPF. “All of us (at Sanctuary Nature Foundation) are looking forward to working with you and protect the true wealth of India, the natural heritage for the generations to come.”

LPF currently has six projects in India. They have raised more than Rs 70,00,000 for their upcoming projects in India with a backing of more than 17,000 volunteers under their wings. One of their projects, Project LUX, was about a school in Chorbahuli, a remote zone of Nagpur district that is now powered by solar energy. They have now planned to power five more schools around India which will be powered by the sun. 

You can learn more about Aryaman’s initiative and how you can help to save our little planet by visiting

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