Astrologers predict tough times ahead - can we still direct our destiny? |
Astrologers predict tough times ahead – can we still direct our destiny?

Astrologers predict tough times ahead – can we still direct our destiny?

18 May, 2020

Three lakh people worldwide have died due to COVID-19. The global economy and our livelihoods have been put on a pause. Doctors and healthcare workers are scrambling to save as many lives as possible while researchers are frantically developing vaccines. In her book in 2008, End of Days, Sylvia Browne predicted, “In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments. Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later, and then disappear completely.” Mamta Rohra, a Tarot Card reader and a Spiritual Counsellor discusses how we can direct our destiny.
Embrace the unknown
Rohra states that since the year 2000, we are moving to a higher energy frequency. In 2012, the world being doomed was predicted. So, at a subconscious level, we were always preparing for an energetic shift. However, nobody can accurately predict nature and what it is going to be like in the near future. The economies falling, countries being wiped out and a second wave of corona has been predicted by the astrologers. However, the best way to direct your destiny during an uncertain time is to operate from your authenticity, find your truth and follow your life purpose. If we are empathetic, kind, compassionate and not materialistic, then we can gracefully move through these uncertain times.
Finding our life purpose
We should prioritise our life purpose. We should put our passion first since following our life purpose will give us sustainability and a sense of emotional fulfillment unlike only chasing materialistic pursuits which drain our life force.
Break patterns of social conditioning 
Rohra says that it’s important to break patterns of social construct. Our personal choices are powerful and we should not let others opinions decide what we want to do with our lives and how we want to direct it, for us to create our own destiny. For this, breaking patterns of social conditioning is important which can be done with inner work like meditation, inner child healing, chakra healing and other healing  modalities.
A new world order requires us to be healthy
For a new world, we all need to be healthy. Healthcare and wellness is very important. It is not just our responsibility to take care of our personal health but also safeguard health of others around us, practice social distancing and sanitization, especially when we fall ill. Rohra feels that people will be extremely cautious when they step out from their homes in near future. She says that this situation will prevail for the next eighteen months.
We should take charge of our lives
Irrespective of the planetary movements, we need to take charge of our lives and not depend on planetary positions, to change things for us. We need to become minimalists, be grateful for the resources we have, stay empowered and help the underprivileged.
Service to mankind is service to God
There will be a demand for opting for noble occupations like doctors, nurses, caregivers, light workers, healers etc. Many people may quit their full-time corporate jobs and align with careers that empower them to serve humanity.
Acceptance and co-existence with the virus is the new normal
Rohra states that we have to learn to co-exist with the corona virus and battle it out on a daily basis, within ourselves, by being mentally, emotionally and physically strong and learn the new ways of life. Live in gratitude and acceptance and find your truth because from there you can create your new life.
Countries have a chance to choose a new path as societies begin to return to normal after lockdowns imposed to prevent the spread of corona virus, environmental activist Greta Thunberg said at an event on Earth Day.  We should learn, and work towards creating a better future.

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