At the Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences, learn to be ‘stronger, happier and healthier’ |
At the Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences, learn to be ‘stronger, happier and healthier’

At the Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences, learn to be ‘stronger, happier and healthier’

26 Sep, 2019

What if we told that there is just one secret to living a life that will keep you healthy, happy and strong? Would you believe us if we told you that perhaps, every one of us just needs to learn this one thing to lead a successful life? 

Most probably, you’ll think we are blabbering. But sure enough, we aren’t. At the 12th Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences (GFSS) 2019, we get you closer to learning the famous ‘Wim Hof Method’ (by his daughter, Laura Hof) that can help you to alleviate stress levels like no other. And not just that, it helps you to live a wholesome life.   

In an Email interview, here’s what Laura Hof wishes to put forth for us:

Question: When did you realize that this was the right calling for you?

Answer: I feel like I have been groomed in life to this moment in time that all that I do seems to come natural. I was born as the daughter of Wim Hof, The Iceman, and have experienced the losses and the trauma that went along with us losing my mother. We had nothing in life except for each other, family, and this was the bond that began right there I believe with the loss of my mother. My father, who was a crazy person, always doing yoga, meditation, swimming in the cold, was my best friend, and it was in that capacity that for me this was all very normal. Fast forward later, looking back, I have worked very hard to grow in this world, I was always on top of my class, finished two university masters, worked abroad, did everything you would think would give you satisfaction and a sense of achievement, but it didn’t. 

It was in this moment of disillusionment that I began working with my dad and brother building the Wim Hof method. It is in this capacity that I have now worked for over 8 years in different positions. Working together with my family has been a blessing, as we have lost together and are now building something beautiful together. I have always believed in what my father teaches, he is a genuine person, and I only see myself as a vessel to help spread the message further, that you can become happy, strong and healthy by your own doing. You can become your own Alchemist.

What the method has done for people’s lives is unbelievable and it has been during these years that I have begun to understand the impact that it has on people. I have helped now numerous to gain more insight into who they are. Looking back at the loss of my mother, the struggles I have been through in my life, the lessons I have learned, I believe this all have been part of my journey, and I believe I am only beginning. I have begun more and more to spread the message vocally towards audiences, and I have a strong sense of purpose that is guiding me in this. I believe that my mother, who suffered from schizophrenia and had multiple personalities, seriously could have been helped with this method, and this is the reason why I think the circle is round. This understanding has given me such a profound feeling that this is indeed my mission, to help others achieve more control over their own physiology to become happier, stronger and healthier, the way nature meant it to be. 

Q:What shall be the talking points of your discussion at the 12th GFSS 2019?

A: At the GFSS 2019, here’s what I will be talking about- 

  • Your intuition is your guide
  • Paradigm shift
  • Becoming happier, stronger and healthier
  • Cold, breathing and mindset
  • You are in control

Q: How has this path transformed you as an individual?

A: I have had my share of destructive habits that I have used during my life as a coping mechanisms. The losses in life can be hard and you build up a lot of defenses and walls, which can be a protective layer emotionally, but ultimately will wear you down. I have learned to follow my intuition, to trust my gut, to listen to my core feelings, come in contact with my emotions. I have become more sensitive, but in that I have become 100 times stronger. I feel like there is a strong pull inside of me to spread this message.

Q: How can this path help in transforming the lives of our readers in their daily life?

A: I want to explain how some practical exercises and tricks can help you have more control of your physiology, based on cold exposure, breathing and mindset. 

Together they give you an unbelievable tool box to gain more control of your inner being and thereby choosing your own direction. 

Q: What message would you like to give our readers?

A: You have the power to become and remain happy, strong and healthy no matter what life throws at you. 

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