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How to Attract Prosperity, Success and Wealth With Tarot Cards

How to Attract Prosperity, Success and Wealth With Tarot Cards

12 Apr, 2020

Did you know? A Tarot Reading online can determine whether you might attain your desired success in a job or business.
That’s right – your gut feeling may be telling you to pursue a specific career path, but as doubt creeps in, you worry about the possibility of failure.
Hence, an online tarot reading enables you to access proper guidance based on this feeling. Roop Kaur, a Tarot Card Reader, an expert in Akashic Records and Mandala, shares how one can discover or predict the likelihood of success. Roop has been interested in Tarot Card Reading since a young age and is also an expert in Crystal Therapy and Dowsing.

The Tarot Card Revelation

  • If the Sun card is pulled, the person in question will likely soar with flying colours in their career. The bright yellow rays of the sun depict hope, positive energy and success. 
  • The Horse card in a tarot spread also represents success. 
  • The Magician, Queen of Wands, Empress, and Emperor cards depict victory. 
  • The Ace of Swords card represents the beginning of a new career, business or promotion. 
  • The Wheel of Fortune represents new beginnings. For example, if you are unemployed, you might suddenly obtain a new job. It could also mean a premature job promotion. In case of ongoing business activities, this card could represent the possibility of greater cash flow in the future. 
  • The Nine of Pentacles represents triumph and success, abundance and prosperity.

Oracle Cards for Success and Prosperity

Kaur states that she clubs Oracle cards along with Tarot cards for an accurate reading for a client. She uses money oracle decks which provide the right messages. It makes her feel good when her clients return home feeling happy and light after a session with her.

Crystals for Prosperity and Success

If you face problems or hurdles in achieving success in your career or business, crystals can be used as a remedy:

  • Carnelian Crystals are suitable for the root chakra, which is associated with survival and one’s profession. The crystal transmits positive energy that begins to circulate within our aura.
  • Sapphire Crystals attract prosperity.
    Citrine, commonly referred to as the abundance stone or merchant’s stone has powerful properties that attract money, a promising career and financial success.
  • Sunstones are crystals that promote career successes relating to wealth and good fortune. They are also known to bring countless opportunities – such as new and exciting responsibilities or promotions.
  • Sodalite helps boost our self-esteem, get a promotion and even find the right job. It is known for its capability to inspire innovation and creativity. Sodalite can give us the confidence to make our dreams come true and stand up for what we believe in.
  • Black Onyx helps us achieve success in our career. It is an excellent go-to stone when we need to make tough business decisions.
    This stone also allows us to clear our mind amidst stressful situations and work-related misunderstandings. The brightly-coloured crystal is an excellent partner for new entrepreneurs as it attracts wealth, abundance and prosperity.
  • If we find ourselves feeling unworthy of wealth and success, then Pyrite should help change our thoughts. Additionally, Pyrite is one of the most popular crystals for money and career advancement since it allows us to push through financial hardships.
  • Green Jade has always been one of the most recognized stones for harmony, wisdom, and prosperity. It is considered to be a lucky stone like the green aventurine and promotes a healthy flow of abundance and prosperity in our professional lives.
  • Rubys are powerful stones that help in achieving success, good fortune and prosperity in our career. Additionally, they provide us with a strong sense of positivity, ensuring financial growth. This also helps us develop self-confidence and self-awareness as we steadily move towards the right path of our professional or love life.

Getting an online Tarot Reading will help you to tap into your intuition and listen to what your inner voice is trying to say.
Remember, tarot readings are not about predicting one’s present and future but also about being more aware of the journey – It’s the key to all your questions. Thus, a tarot reader helps you open the right doors, leading you towards success in your career or business.

To get your personalised, in-depth and accurate tarot reading for your specific questions click here. Looking for a quick, free reading? Don’t forget to check out our online tarot tool today.

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