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Attract wealth and make profit with Astrology

Attract wealth and make profit with Astrology

24 Jul, 2020

Every person needs money for his/her survival but at some point in life, we all feel that even after putting in our best efforts and hard work, we are not successful. Astrology plays a vital role in reaping monetary benefits of our hard work. The fundamental motive of an astrologer is to identify what different planets are signifying for the financial domain of the native and when in the native’s life, the planets are casting  their respective influence on the native’s financial domain, so that timely remedial measures could be adopted to pacify the negative effects of ill placed planets and maximize the positive effects of well placed planets in the native’s finance horoscope. Kirti Seth, a Cosmic Astrologer, an expert in Vastu Shastra and a Life Coach discusses how Astrology can help in multiplying your wealth.

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After studying the planetary positions and it’s placements in our personal chart, an astrologer suggests to choose the right type of profession which matches our skills. A well studied horoscope can help us choose our careers, business, area of work and also predict the timelines for achieving success and wealth. The study of 2nd, 6th,10th and 11th house in the personal chart is very important to assess the financial aspects along with study of other houses and it’s impact.

Houses in our Finance Horoscope that affect our finances
When it comes to making a wealth prediction by date of birth and other birth details of a native, an astrologer from a financial perspective, primarily looks at the state of the following houses.

2nd House
This is a house that represents “Accumulated Wealth and Bank Balance.”To have a stable and sound state of finances in life, it is very important that this house is strong and free from any negative influence.

6th House
This is a house that represents jobs and competition. For those pursuing a job or appearing for competitive examinations for getting a job must have a very strong and positive 6th house. Furthermore, since this house represents competition, its strength becomes even more crucial, when it comes to promotion and in-job growth which naturally brings wealth. Also, for people engaged in their own business, competition is a factor that keeps them on their toes constantly and decides their profit margins. Hence, even self employed persons must have the backing of a strong 6th house to reap maximum profits in their businesses.

7th House
This house represents businesses and partnerships. A self employed person needs a positive 7th house for running a profitable business. Any negative influence on this house would bring unnecessary obstacles and pose repeated hurdles resulting in frequent disruptions in the business. Successful business partnerships are forged with a favourable 7th house in the horoscopes of all the parties concerned.

8th House
This house represents obstacles, sudden gains/losses and inheritance. Just as a sudden windfall gain in life can change the financial state of a person for good, a sudden financial shock can bring the financial graph down. Hence, it is crucial that even if there are no sudden financial gains signified by the 8th house, there should not be any unpleasant financial shocks signified either.

10th House
This house represents career, profession, name, fame and position. For people who are primarily a public figure or in public services, this house decides the level to which they would rise and the position that they would command in their profession. Also, the level to which the brand of your business would rise, depends on the position of the 10th house of your horoscope.

11th House
This house represents gains and realization of desires. The strength of this house decides whether your desires would be fulfilled in your life or not. In other words, to lead a life of luxury, we must have multiple planets giving the prosperous results of the 11th house.

12th House
This house represents expenditures. It is extremely important that this house is well balanced in a person’s horoscope because expenditures are needed not only to ensure survival but also for enjoying comforts. However, if expenditures are disproportionate to earnings, then this will eventually lead to financial distress in a person’s life. Therefore, the state of the 12th house must be perfectly balanced with respect to the earnings of an individual.

Planetary positions beneficial for increasing personal and business wealth 
The planetary positions and the strength of the houses and it’s Lord, must be checked, to evaluate the prospect of money and wealth in a natal chart. The 2nd house in a horoscope is known as Dhana Bhava. It indicates savings and accumulated wealth. 11th house indicates  income and financial gains or profits. Jupiter and Venus are the most important planets for attracting  wealth. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and knowledge, respect, money and fame. It’s placement in the natal chart, helps an individual to grow in life in terms of money, wealth, fame and happiness. Venus gives us wealth, luxuries, properties and vehicles. If Jupiter and Venus both are placed well in the  horoscope of a person, then the person will earn fame and wealth. The placement of the Moon also needs to be studied.

Natal chart assessment for becoming wealthy 
The study of a person’s horoscope can throw light on when a person will become rich. It is also important to check the 4th, 5th and 9th house of individuals, to ascertain the benefits from property or wealth through lottery or any windfall. For instance, if a person has well placed Mars in his/her horoscope, then the person can gain money from land. The professions related to Army and  engineering can be a good source of income for that individual. Mars also helps individuals associated with sports. The impact of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th houses is more important. If the lagna is in 1st house, then the person can get fame in Bollywood industry. If 2nd house and 3rd house is strong, the person can have  a good voice or can possess writing skills. If a person has a strong 5th house, then the person can slowly rise to fame. If 9th house is strong, the individual can get success easily. When planets are not placed favourably, the Mahadasha period ,the lagna and other aspects which affects a natal chart needs to be studied. After evaluation of all permutations and combinations, the timelines for gaining wealth and the sources of income can be calculated.

Tips given by astrologers if facing difficulties to attract wealth 
The horoscope of a person must be studied for change of profession or change of place. In case of business, the auspicious time needs to be studied for making investments. The study of each planet and it’s strength, the Mahadasha and Antardasha periods, the impact of Saturn in one’s horoscope and the individual’s abilities and knowledge needs to be assessed. Remedial measures are also advised to clients to attract wealth. The placement of locker should be in the south or south- west wall of the house and it must open in north direction. A mirror should be placed in front of the cash locker to attract wealth. Avoid keeping broken glasses or ceramic objects in the  house. We must pray daily and do charity to the needy. We should chant Lakshmi Mantra to seek blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Draw a swastika with turmeric or saffron in your business premises and light a ghee diya.

Invoking Gods and Goddesses energies to attract wealth
Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth and good fortune. She is invoked by performing pooja at home. Kuber Upasana havan is also performed for increasing wealth and prosperity. Lord Ganesha is worshipped for bringing good luck, wealth and prosperity, positive energy and success in our lives. Lord Shiva is most divine as per the Hindu mythology. If a person worships Lord Shiva, he is always blessed with health, wealth and prosperity. If we pray to Lord Krishna with great devotion, we will not only achieve success but also get desired results and becomes wealthy.

Invoking the right energy from planets 
Everyone wants a peaceful and happy life. For attracting right energies from the planets, the horoscope of the person must be studied before advising remedial measures. Remedies are provided as per the planetary positions in the natal chart.

Mantra (Prayers) 
The beej mantras must be chanted to attract right energy of a particular planet based on your natal chart. There are different beej mantras or powerful mantras for each planet.

Color therapy 
Colour therapy is also helpful for attracting right energy from planets in order to attract wealth. Positive colors enhance a person’s working capabilities and confidence. We must avoid black and grey colours to keep negativity at bay.

Success stories of clients 
A textile owner was facing a lot of problems in his business venture and after studying his horoscope, Seth told him to change his business premises. The client was also advised to follow certain rituals. The business man started noticed that his wealth had multiplied after consulting Seth. Another client, a Chartered Accountant was advised to relocate to another city since he was frustrated at his earlier job. He is very successful after heeding to Seth’s advice.

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  1. It is the great blog post.It is the helfpul and informative blog .I am always read your blog . I like it thanks for sharing this information with us .

  2. It is the great blog post about astrology.It is the helfpul and informative blog .I am always read your blog . I like it thanks for sharing this information with us .

  3. Very informative. Also your guidance to for last 6 years had supported me for taking major decisions. Specially your vastu advise..

  4. Nice and detailed blog by Mr Kirti. He is an expert in the field of Astrology. Tips given by him in his articles are always useful. I have been a client of him since six years and have always benefited from his advise especially during difficult time. Would strongly recommend clients to avail his services and expertise for Vastu and Astrology.

    Mr Kirti, looking forward for more blogs from you. Best Wishes.


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