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#AttractAbundance: How Can You Create Prosperity in the face of an economic crisis?

#AttractAbundance: How Can You Create Prosperity in the face of an economic crisis?

24 Oct, 2019

Any crisis leaves the factors and parameters of an economic system altered. So getting out of the clutches of crisis and the feelings of insecurity and fear are the first and foremost steps to attracting abundance. 

How to attract abundance

  • We need to have clean and clear thoughts about money to attract abundance. This clears the blocks and leads us to abundance.
  • We need to have a clear marker for having enough and what really is enough. If you don’t have the feeling of having enough money abundance looks like a farce; a mirage.
  • Don’t consider money as a tool to determine the social scale- those having less than you are lesser than you and those having more are better than you. Acquiring lots of money is also related to having negative qualities. So those who have enough always fear losing it.
  • We tend to think that we can only earn so much. We think only those chosen few are entitled to enjoy abundance. If there exists more then there is a possibility of less.
  • The mental attitude that the capacity to get abundance depends on factors outside of you is another blocker to attracting abundance.

The best way to attract abundance is to break through all these blocks. Have a positive, wanting outlook towards money. Avoid fears and insecurities. Forgive and expand your fears with a deeper, conscious perception. Feel grateful for what you have than not have. Improvise and clean up each thought and move ahead.

  • Respect money. Do not clutter your wallet with bills and receipts. Be ready to receive it.
  • Spend freely. Create an easy flow for money so that there is always a possibility of getting more. This will put you in a state of attracting abundance and hence abundance will find you.

The economics of abundance

At a national and global level, the economic development of a country is intricately connected with its social development. Social stability protects the country and its citizens against the internal and external shocks of crisis. The best way of creating abundance in a crisis situation is to tap into and grow our innate strengths. This will lead to a self-reliant, sustainable society. 

To achieve sustainability we need to work on our basics. We must discriminate between needs and wants. Resources should be distributed from the rich to the poor. Happiness should be wholesome and not related to material achievement and possession.

Every individual should lead a life as an art and as they see it fit. He or she should have accessibility to all the resources he or she needs. Stakeholder trusts should be formed to maintain and promote common resources too. Shared knowledge and life lived in cooperation will go a long way in creating abundance. 

If the economic health of a country is the battle between scarcity and abundance, then all these days scarcity has had its life and abundance is certainly making a comeback. Its comeback is poised on the vehicle of innovation. Innovation starts with creating a new mindset, a new demand and also new products and services. 

What lies ahead

The current technological progress has resulted in an increase in productivity. As a result, human beings are left to think of how to spend their leisure hours and to live well too. Human beings cannot go on and on in life when their primary motive is to earn money. There should come a time when there is enough or having a lot disgusts you. In such times scarcity comes across as the best teacher. It teaches us the optimal and efficient use of resources. It will keep us connected to our needs more than wants. It will teach us to live consciously and avoid oversights.       

Vijayalakshmi Sridhar’s stories explore human relationships and their dynamics. She is enjoying her journey as a writer of fiction and features. 

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