Balance your inner and outer self for true healing |
Balance your inner and outer self for true healing

Balance your inner and outer self for true healing

30 Jun, 2020

Our inner world consist of thoughts, emotions and memories. Our outer world is a representation and reflection of our inner world. When we are peaceful, in love with ourselves and in harmony with the rhythm of life, our outer world is beautiful too. It is important to have a fine balance in our inner and outer world and heal our emotional blocks, traumas, negative emotions, etc. to become the best version of ourselves. Haritha Nayak, an expert on Decoding dreams and dream analysis, Angelica Yantra and Rebirthing, discusses how we can create a harmonious balance between our inner and outer world.
Shed off bad memories 
All of us carry memories from our past and present life. Every person whom we meet contributes to our memories, good and bad. If there are more bad memories in our consciousness, it may leave us scarred and it becomes difficult to have healthy relationships. These memories become an intricate part of our inner world and they weave the fabric of our outer world. When there is an accumulation of excessive emotional baggage, traumas, pain and hurt, it becomes overwhelming. We feel lost, depressed and even disowned and uncared. At this point of time, we experience a wake up call, to heal ourselves. This wake up call facilitates an opening of the unconscious. The painful memories need to be transcended to bring an evolution within us. We can then create a peaceful outer world.
Recognise problems and emotional blocks 
It is important to recognise and acknowledge our emotional blocks in order to heal it. We need to effectively solve the problems in our lives, to make space for a better inner and outer world. We also need to learn and incorporate a work-life balance. “If an egg is broken by outside force, life ends. If broken by inside force, life begins. Great things always begin from inside. All of us are a complete Universe within ourselves.”- Buddha. Nayak emphasises that it is important to understand that negativity is not a bad thing. We need to view it spiritually and understand that negativity has surfaced only to bring about transformation within ourselves and collectively.
Heal distortions in relationships 
Since childhood, if children observe that there is no love and respect among  parents, whether living together, separated or divorced, it creates fear among children. When they turn into  grown up adults, they are afraid to get married, become commitment phobic, their relationships are extremely difficult or they keep going through breakups and a cycle of indulging in toxic relationships, one after the other. We need to understand that we are not reflection of our parents and there is no need to carry any burdens of their unhealthy relationships. We can heal our inner child and simultaneously change the inner parenting, by being present for ourselves. Once the inner world is changed, it is easy to attract a healthy and beautiful relationship.
The Law of Resonance attracts who we are 
The Law of Resonance which is closely interconnected and works in harmony with the Law of Attraction, is a universal law which determines precisely what it is that we will attract into our life based on the resonance or frequency of the energy that we are projecting. When somebody is angry with us, this person is only holding a mirror to the anger that we hold within us. This is why we get triggered when somebody is angry with us. Once we heal it, by identifying the problem, doing inner child healing, meditation etc., the person moves away from our life or the person may have not changed completely or not changed his/her way with others, but the person stops getting  angry and being nasty with us. The shift in the behaviour occurs, since the person cannot resonate anymore with us, since we healed the anger within us. We should be grateful and have empathy towards people who trigger us and help us to heal and become the best version of ourselves. The more we shall love ourselves, more love will surround us and we will be at peace with ourselves.
Empower others to be happy 
Abraham Hicks said, “You don’t really serve others by deciding that you will keep them happy, you serve others by being happy and demonstrating how it is done.” For instance, Nayak states that if an author writes a best selling book on how to to lead a happy life and later commits suicide, it means the author was inauthentic and people will not trust him. If we want to empower others to be happy and love themselves, we can only demonstrate it and they will inculcate it in their lives, if that it what they are seeking.

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