Be the best version of yourself in these 6 steps |
Be the best version of yourself in these 6 steps

Be the best version of yourself in these 6 steps

27 May, 2019

Do you feel that you are out of balance? Or do you wish you had more time to eat healthily, work out, and take care of yourself better? If that is the case, you need to look after yourself; It shouldn’t just be about your next big shopping extravaganza or your out-station vacation.

While it’s no secret that having a healthy routine helps you feel good and perform your best, healthy habits, after all, gives you the required energy to care for yourself, keep up with the world, and achieve your goals. In the absence of your good health, everything you thought was invaluable, loses its meaning.

What are the constituents for being the best version of yourself – It is your mental and your physical health; follow these wellness habits to become the best version of yourself!

  1. Watch Sunrise Daily: Getting up early in the morning is a form of a discipline that all successful people have in common. There is no wonder why the people who actually make the most of their days by getting up early. Studies have shown that early rising and success might be linked. People who tend to wake up early are more in sync with the traditional work-life schedule and tend to have more proactive personalities, which might lead to better scores in school or high paying jobs.

  2. Meditate Mindfully: The work-life chronic stress can take a toll on your appearance. Premature aging, and wrinkles, grey and thinning hair, dry skin and acne are all adverse effects that stress can have on your looks. Meditation is the best stress reduction technique one can find. Inculcating the habit of meditating at least once a day for 15 minutes can drastically reduce your overall stress levels. Appearance aside, it also reduces anxiety, develops emotional health, and lengthens your attention span.

  3. Improve your Posture: Standing up straight is good for your spine – while it does manage to make you look thinner; there are other health benefits to improving your posture. When you’re not standing up-right, your lungs don’t consume as much oxygen as they do when you’re sitting up straight; this results in making you feel fatigued. A good posture also helps the rest of your internal organs to function better. You can purchase support braces and gadgets to help you stand up straight, but these stretches can help you improve your posture without any special equipment. Exercising daily can help you with that.

  4. Eat Right without Distractions: When we are binge-watching on Netflix, mindlessly scooping ice cream into our mouth seems like a perfect weekend plan.  However, it’s easier to look down and realize the whole carton is empty. Conversely, if we are at a table without distraction of newspaper or smartphone but chatting with someone face to face, we are way more likely to realize how much we’ve eaten. Respecting and loving your body does not mean giving it more food than it requires. Overeating is definitely an emotionally rooted issue – which can be curbed with a little discipline.

  5. Say no to Soda! (even diet): Various studies have shown the downside of drinking soda on your waistline and your teeth. Consuming the carbonated soda, however, has far more serious health risks; but if you’re thinking to swap it with the diet version, you’re not doing yourself any favors – it’s been shown to alter our gut microbes, contribute to weight gain, and trigger headaches. While in an 11-year-long Harvard Medical School study, including 3,318 women, it was found that diet cola is linked with a two-fold increased risk for kidney failure.

  6. Be Selfish: There is nothing wrong with catering your needs first, over others. The only concern here which should be- you are not walking over someone; immorally for your own good. There’s a very fine line – between being good selfish and being selfish. This idea is similar to that of greed, “Greed is good.” – having a desire to want everything is not wrong, it’s the way you want it, matters.

We all want to be like the superstars we adore. We all have our role models and if we follow these steps you might end up being someone else’s role model too.

Omkar Kulkarni is a self-proclaimed art appreciator, a certified film reviewer and someone’s favorite human being.


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