Bounce Back: Rekindle with Yourself after a Breakup |
Bounce Back: Rekindle with Yourself after a Breakup

Bounce Back: Rekindle with Yourself after a Breakup

29 Jun, 2019

No matter how much anyone tries to convince you that, “Life is short, make the most out of it.”; Life is actually quite big for you to experience plenty of things, and which for once will teach you plenty more things. In your lifetime, you certainly would go through plenty of things, which, to generalize are sometimes of Joy or Sorrow. Breakups are bad. But they can also be seen as an opportunity. 

Though it becomes hard to navigate your life after a breakup, it certainly helps you to understand your own pain points and area that you probably need to work hard towards. It can be an eye-opener for some of us – you might just end up realizing that you were dampening your own growth all this time. 

What are Heart Breaks like?

When all the Arjit Singh songs make sense to you, it is disappointing and exhausting. The entire process of splitting up with someone you once shared your life to be with is heart-wrenching. To be better you need to buckle up and pull your socks up with the little energy you have left in you to change your course from a heartbreak. But it is important to move on and respect your life enough to focus on a straight and a rational thought process. 

Focus and clarity are essential to lead a purpose-filled life, but it is next to impossible if asked you to do it right after a breakup. I’d like to motivate you to use this time to put your attention on the person who needs it the most now  and spoiler warning, it’s not your ex – it’s you. Given below are four practices that you should follow to get yourself back on track: 

  1. Give Time- TIME: 

People often say, “Time heals all wounds.” Allowing yourself some time to return to wholeness and rediscover yourself anew is absolutely necessary. Make it a divine time to tune in to your natural rhythms. Start maintaining a journal, reflect and reunite with your dreams and learn to prioritize yourself first. Give yourself enough time to think things over and rekindle with yourself. It’s the best form of self-respect that shows you and the world how valuable you are. You can even try meditation in your time to reach out to your potential energy.

  1. Understand Emotions

You would hear this all the time from the people around you, after a terrible breakup – “I am so sorry it happened”, “don’t be sad, it’ll be okay.” You need to understand that it is okay to feel sad. It is okay to acknowledge whatever happened to you then run away from these emotions. The more you run away, the more lasting will be its impact. The worse than this, it can turn into is – if these ignored emotions take the best of you, it can even manifest into a chronic disease. 

  1. Be Vulnerable: 

Now at first, it doesn’t seem like a piece of good advice to be vulnerable in front of someone, but it is the ultimate cure to loneliness. When it comes to vulnerability – post break up is one of the most genuine opportunities for you to showcase your identity, because you’re no longer bound with your partner. It may seem like an easy thing, to go to a bar and tell the bartender about your horrible break up – but it requires you to be authentic and it can only be attained after self-acceptance. It’s in the moment when you are so comfortable with your own “flaws” you can come across as a relatable person, that even you’d like to hang out with and it is the best cure for a breakup.

  1. Love Yourself: 

Ideally, this should have been the first thing that one should do after a breakup, but it is not very easy. There’s a process by which you can start loving yourself again. Focus on your health, focus on your career, focus on your long term goals – they all say that. But there is never a link to all of them. In my opinion, if you get in touch with your bruised identity after the breakup – it will help you to dominate in all your fields of life. Better health and better environment you surround yourself with will always lead to enhanced well-being and therefore better future relationships. But it must begin with you.

Being in a relationship is supposed to help you be a better person. But that doesn’t mean you need to find yourself another companion right after a heartbreak. Try to help yourself in being better, fall in love with taking care of yourself – mind, body, and spirit; and it will all fall into place. 

Omkar Kulkarni is a self-proclaimed art appreciator, a certified film reviewer and someone’s favorite human being.

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