Can spiritual people be in a happy relationship? |
Can spiritual people be in a happy relationship?

Can spiritual people be in a happy relationship?

28 Jun, 2019

Spirituality is a guiding philosophy for life. It holds a mirror to us and others around us. With its way of delving into the ideologies and its accompanying reasons and clarifications, spirituality wipes the doubts and complexities in our lives and helps us understand the core principle and the meaning behind lifestyle and practices. Wherever religion leaves us in an enigma that is cloaked in the dogmatic following, spirituality offers reason and also a deeper insight into the actual meaning of it. Spirituality gives a strong handle on how-tos in life. 

Spirituality in relationships

According to an article in The Guardian, UK, one in five Americans is spiritual and not religious. Their relationships also have a realistic take leaving no room for pretense and artifice. They live in so-called ‘rational amazement’- mindful of each minute and being aware of what they do. 

In fact, spirituality establishes the strongest bond with life. It tells us about the universe, of the threads of engagement that connects us. In intimate relationships such as that between a husband and wife, mother and daughter, siblings and others, spiritual people engage in making the everyday experiences richer and significant than the rest. 

When is it win-win?

When do spiritual ideologies win? Only if both parties involved belong to the same school of following and are on the same page. If one’s principle overrides the other, there is a possibility for conflicts and clashes. 

There are schools that impart legacies of resistance; that enjoyment should be offset by punishment. Haven’t we heard of spiritual schools that preach that too much of happiness always leads to equally tormenting sorrow? There are teachings that instigate hatred and animosity towards other people. Particularly women are always described as sensuous and those with lesser emotional wisdom. These kinds of tunneled visions and legacies do nothing other than confusing and misleading people. This is where spirituality plays a vilified role in relationships. 

Spirituality and romance

Falling in love is a surreal experience. In the initial time of knowing each other and courtship, everything about each other is covered in starry, golden love dust. The mutual love for each other is the nourishment your soul receives and thrives on. This is when you understand and process each other’s thoughts without effort and an unspoken understanding. 

In the Indian context, love culminates in marriage. Indian marriages are not just about the husband and the wife. It connects families and is regarded as a bond that connects generations.     

But as time wears on the magic of marriage and romance wears off. The couple finds themselves in the middle of nowhere with no leads to go forward or backward. This is the moment of reckoning. This is when they should start working harder to develop the relationship, honor it. Spirituality comes of great help in marriages and relationships. 

Relationship rules

Relationships follow a bigger, mightier scheme of the union. Anybody who enters your life has a purpose to meet and learning to leave you with. With this facet in mind, always treat all relationships as significant and valuable. Partners in romance take a special place. Reflection doesn’t need to happen only when there is a problem. Always look inwards. Accept your nature just like you internalize your partner’s true nature. Keep your expectations low. Find joy in giving. Keep your aura clean and pure, without resentment and remorse. Share and respect each other’s interests. Find your common ground, honor it. Commit to talking, communicating, discussing and troubleshooting. 

Our thoughts carry certain energies and vibrations. Touch is the best way to communicate your unspoken thoughts and wishes. Cultivate an intimacy that takes your relationship beyond skirmishes and conflicts. This is the way to build and groom your spiritual love and union.             

The golden rules of spirituality

One of the most important tenets of spirituality is fulfillment and ever-lasting happiness. Fulfillment comes only when we connect with others. Learn to let go of things and learn to move on. Don’t stick to your views. Listen to and value others’ too. Practice forgiveness. Cherish the learning and apply it to life situations. Always identify the best out of your experiences and show gratitude to the deserving people and situations that have taught you the enduring learning. Meditate to recognize and connect with your true self. Live everyday; live mindfully and remember that, after all, we are a flyspeck in this universe.  

Vijayalakshmi Sridhar’s stories explore human relationships and their dynamics. She is enjoying her journey as a writer of fiction and features.     

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