Cancer Survivor Radhika Sachdev: Having a “Second Go” at Life |
Cancer Survivor Radhika Sachdev: Having a Second Go at Life

Cancer Survivor Radhika Sachdev: Having a “Second Go” at Life

6 Mar, 2020

Radhika Sachdev is an entrepreneur, cancer survivor, recipient of a donor liver, and a single parent. She has honestly and very candidly chronicled how she got past her ailments and what it took to get there in her easy-going manner in the book “Second Go”. 

This author and intrepid warrior has had an opportunity to introspect and look at life through a unique lens. When she got a new lease at life, she turned vegetarian because she began to value life. “If I value my life, I should value all life,” she affirms. She soon intends to go completely vegan and now looks to alternative therapy to manage cancer (which is back) and to live an enriching life.

What are your current treatment options?

I started looking at alternative therapies after undergoing chemo and becoming fed up with that rigmarole. I am exhausted, not just physically but financially. I don’t want to spend so much just to keep my body and soul together.

I will be doing one PET scan because even my alternative doctors want to know. Then there is this new non-invasive device by a Bengaluru based Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar. It is called Cytotron and I am on a waitlist for that treatment.

What is your daily diet?

I have a couple of doctors who monitor my diet. I am on a raw diet and Pune based naturopath Col. Nair is helping me with my diet. So 50% of my diet is raw and I have juices and herbs and all the good things we hear about like chia seeds, flax seeds and berries of all kinds. I follow a gluten-free diet. So my breakfast is makkai roti with methi leaves. I alternate it with bajra roti. I have given up dairy and now I am trying tofu and soya curd. 

I use different powders given by Col. Nair to improve my immunity among other things. I have eliminated sugar and I use cold-pressed oil instead of refined oils. 

Is there any other routine you follow?

I am also doing Sujok Therapy. It is this seed therapy and it is like an Indian variation of acupressure that I am doing. I am also doing breathing exercises and Pranayam. I have learned a set of 8 breathing exercises. I am reading a lot of good literature. 

I do a daily blog, where I don’t hold anything back and write it like it is, and that also helps. I feel better already. I am getting the right vibes. Like this device, which got FDA approval and the trials are happening. 

So would you say your quality of life has improved due to these therapies?

Tremendously. Even people around me have started doing some of these things. Like my sister goes for Sujok therapy with me. Very soon we are all going to go vegan. We are all thinking of using more raw foods and no more bakery products. 

I can’t even imagine how you manage to keep it all together…

As a person, I am so full of life. I can’t be pinned to a bed. Till I have the last ounce of energy I will be up and about. I will be climbing up the table and cleaning the fan. I don’t recall ever taking an afternoon nap even in the worst of times. I am bursting with energy, only my body sometimes fails me.

I have a wonderful support system. My sisters put their life on hold and help me to manage my health. My daughter is worried sometimes about what will happen if I don’t get back from therapy. But I tell her that she doesn’t have to worry. She has two maasis (aunts) and you can choose who she wants to stay with. Then she asks what if I don’t want to stay with either of them. Then I say I will come back!

We salute Radhika’s spirit and here’s wishing her the best of life and luck in this renewed battle against cancer.

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