Clear your emotional blocks and heal with compassion |
Clear your emotional blocks and heal with compassion

Clear your emotional blocks and heal with compassion

14 Jun, 2020

The Dalai Lama said, ” If you want others to be happy, practice compassion, if you want to be happy, practice compassion.” At the core of our soul, only love exists even if we are consciously not aware about it or we may have numbed out to the love consciousness. We all have emotional blocks and traumas from our past lives, so sometimes we want to run away from love, build walls and want to escape from others too. Once the blocks and emotional traumas are healed, only love and compassion for ourselves and others can flow. Haritha Nayak, an expert on Dream Interpretation with symbolic language, Angel Therapy and Rebirthing, elucidates the importance of being compassionate towards self and others and how to develop and maintain compassion during the remaining lockdown period.
Compassion should be unconditional
Compassion should be unconditional. There should not be any expectations of receiving anything in return of being compassionate towards others. It cannot be transactional. It is extremely important to be compassionate towards our self first. Compassion can flow only when a person has a global vision of doing something good for the world instead of being selfish or thinking about gains.
Saying no at times is being compassionate too 
For instance, if a client is totally dependent on a healer for individual  healing but refuses to do the inner work to heal the emotional blocks and traumas, if a healer refuses to do all the work on behalf of the client, here the healer is being compassionate towards the client and helping the person to release ancestral patterns of codependency and allowing him/ her to learn the required lessons of soul evolution.
Do the inner work 
During this lockdown, some of us are naturally flowing with compassion while some of us are being coerced into seeing abusive patterns within ourselves and choosing compassion. According to Nayak, some of us have blocked our hearts as an escape route from experiencing any probable pain or hurt inflicted by others. This is a reaction caused due to being hurt in the past. Until this illusion is smashed through the inner work, people cannot be compassionate towards themselves and others.
We should learn how to be  compassion from nature 
Nature is always teaching us to be compassionate towards others. Animals, birds and plants co-exist harmoniously. They demonstrate compassion and love towards everyone without any judgements. We can also imbibe these qualities, respect the Creator and His creations and live harmoniously with other species and fellow human beings.
Being compassionate towards others 
The Law of Resonance which is closely interconnected and works in harmony with the Law of Attraction, is a universal law which determines precisely what it is that we will attract into our life based on the resonance or frequency of of the energy that we are projecting. For instance, the Law of Resonance shows us that when we feel manipulated by a friend, a colleague etc., somewhere we are manipulating ourselves and the other person is simply mirroring this aspect within us, so that we can heal it within ourselves. We don’t have to get angry or upset at them. We should recognize the good and the bad qualities in them, reflect upon it and do the inner work to heal those aspects within us. Gradually, it will not just improve our relationship with them but it will reduce our own negative traits as well as theirs. By loving the other person and being compassionate, we only  end up loving ourselves more.
Healing therapies for developing compassion 
Dream interpretation and decoding of dreams helps us to identify our emotional traumas and blocks. Once identified, we can heal it. This will help us to develop compassion towards self and others. Daily meditation, invocation of Angels and a daily practice of gratitude  can help us to be surrounded by positive energy. Being compassionate and empathetic towards ourselves and others are a natural byproduct of practicing these therapies.
Try to become like the Buddha
In Mahayana Buddhist traditions, compassion (karuna) is one of the primary qualities that a practitioner should cultivate. This, along with wisdom, is a necessary requirement for progressing along the Bodhisattva path, which seeks to liberate all sentient beings. The Buddha said that to realize enlightenment, a person must develop two qualities, wisdom and compassion. Wisdom and compassion are sometimes compared to two wings that work together to enable flying or two eyes that work together to see deeply. Nayak emphasises that compassion without wisdom is futile. She says that we should think of everyone as our teacher since the seeds of compassion are sown then.
Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” – Dalai Lama

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