Corona virus, a harbinger for the biggest spiritual awakening |
Corona virus, a harbinger for the biggest spiritual awakening

Corona virus, a harbinger for the biggest spiritual awakening

8 May, 2020

Our Thriive experts are of the opinion that the pandemic is a catalyst which has led to the biggest spiritual awakening. It is bringing about the necessary energetic shifts. This is also an initiation towards balancing the divine masculine and divine feminine energies within us. Radhika Deshpande Misra and Ambica Khanna discuss in-depth observations and experiences of their clients going through upheaval, soul searching and raising their vibrations during the lockdown.

Elevation of energetic frequencies

Radhika Deshpande Misra, a Life Coach, Spiritual Healer and Past Life Regression Expert said, “Everything is a vibration and all living beings vibrate at a certain frequency. It is important to keep rising higher in the frequency. Every single time, mother earth chooses to vibrate higher, it gives rise to calamity and pandemics in order to create the necessary energetic shift. This is an opportunity to look within, since last many decades there has been a major imbalance in connecting with self.”

Excessive communication and seeking gratification

People have been excessively communicating through social media.  For instance, these days, even to convey birthday wishes to one’s mother, people wish their mothers on Facebook instead of directly expressing love to the mother by meeting her and making her day special. We have been seeking gratification from others on social media. The pandemic is causing upheaval since people are forced to gradually change the societal conditioning and simply connect within.

Lessons to be learnt

A simple common flu is always teaching us something. Through corona, everybody is being made to learn something. For some, they are difficult lessons to go within and heal which is not a pleasant thing to do.

Chakra activation and balancing

During  stone age, the Root Chakra was activated for basic survival. Later, the Sacral Chakra representing sexual energy was activated. We are presently clearing  the throat since the symptoms may or may not persists through the throat but the disease is of the respiratory system which is interconnected to the Throat Chakra and simultaneously heals the Heart Chakra too. The next step is going to be moving to the Third Eye Chakra to seek enlightenment. Before we reach there, we need to be emotionally balanced to communicate effectively with self and others.

Pondering on love and relationships

For a very long time, people have been stuck in situations that they don’t want to be in. This is going to keep hitting in the face until we learn the lessons. We should question ourselves regarding what love and relationships mean to us. Are we able to live with ourselves alone round the clock, so that we can live with our loved ones? Since our relationship with self is a reflection of our relationship with our jobs, colleagues, finances and everything around us.

Breaking patterns of conditioning

Misra further elucidates the importance to break the patterns of social programming. “We have to keep breaking our own limitations and keep breaking ourselves to emerge into the best version. Just like once we start cleaning a particular room, we feel the need to clean the finer areas of other rooms too, it’s the same way for healing relationship with self, “she said.

Inner child healing

Inner child healing is another important aspect that is coming to light these days.”It is important not to give away personal power. We should learn to parent ourselves with love. When we have a weak solar plexus, the imbalance creates a lot of fear. Death is inevitable and we are beyond death. We cannot run away from death. In order to conquer fear, every day we should take small steps and do things that scares us which will eventually completely release the fear consciousness, ” said Misra.

Transforming parenting styles

Parenting ways are also changing. Misra said, “Most of the people are seeking help to parent the right way. If a parent has any dark emotions, the child merely mirrors and magnifies it for healing the parent as well as the kid. Parents should respect their kids and learn from them since they are here to teach parents and not the other way around. Children are going to create a new energetic frequency in future and they are very much a part of the awakening process.”

Burning forests

Ambica Khanna, an expert on Past Life Regression and Dream Analysis said, “The Amazon and Australian bushfires were the trigger points for the increase in global warming which symbolically led to corona since the earth’s lungs were already congested. It’s also due to the indiscriminate abuse of animals.”

Nature’s payback time

Khanna noticed during past life regression sessions with her clients that six people could symbolically relate corona to Germany where Nazi style of functioning existed earlier. One of her clients, during a past life regression session realised that she had emotionally, mentally and physically abused others and she could relate the corona situation as a payback time.

Fear of death and birthing the new

Another client dreamt of dead birds and her pregnant friends who cried. The death of birds and pregnant friends in the dream symbolised the death of a situation in her life, the end of old patterns of thinking, emotions and belief systems which are no longer needed since corona is bringing about the birthing process. Her friends who were crying in the dream symbolised her inner self resisting the change.

Animal abuse

China is the epicentre of the pandemic because they completely lack compassion for animals. So nature has its own way of paying back.

Animal consciousness

A news article was published regarding a tiger at the Bronx zoo in New York being tested positive for corona. This is the first known case of an animal infected through a human being. There were reports that few lions and tigers from the cat family also showed corona symptoms. “Even animals have a consciousness, out of compassion, they choose to hold the light for others and bear the brunt just like human beings,” said Khanna.

Connecting to inner child and conquering fear

Khanna added that those who are already connected to their inner child, they feel very safe. Khanna narrates a story from Mahabharat for connecting with our inner being. At the time of Mahabharat, upon Krishna’s insistence, Yudhishthir conveyed to everyone that they had to ensure to overpower Dronacharya in order to exit Kurukshetra. Dronacharya’s weakness was his son Ashwathama and Krishna had asked everyone to connect to their inner being and sit in meditation since those who would not go within would perish. The Ashwadhama chakra would only kill those who were fearful. Ashwadhama lost his power since nobody gave away their power. Later, Krishna asked everyone to come out of the meditative state and resume their day-to-day life. “Corona also attacks only those who are fearful. It has come to teach us fearlessness,” she said.

We hope everyone makes a powerful choice to conquer their fears and rise above the pandemic.

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