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Dancing With The Stars with Thriive’s Global Ambassador Judy Satori – Part I by Sonia Rao

Dancing With The Stars with Thriive’s Global Ambassador Judy Satori – Part I by Sonia Rao

1 Mar, 2018

We thought the world was going to end in 2012 but it didn’t. But something did change.  By Sonia Rao

(Read Part II here).

Judy Satori, Light Language Conduit as well as Regenesis expert, could meet me only after 5:30pm and at the hotel she was staying in which was right on the edge of Juhu beach – THE ULTIMATE DESTINATION FOR IMMERSING GANESHA IDOLS.

Hmmm. It was the second day of the Ganesha festival and past experience had taught me that the roads next to and near the beach would be jammed at that time. Also, it would be almost impossible to get any public transport. The interview with Judy could not be delayed, though.

I would walk back home, I decided. Ganesha knew I could definitely do with a couple of such long walks.


I set off for the meeting, expecting to meet a sombre, gyaan-spouting Master. But the person who greeted me at the hotel was a model. At least that is what Judy Satori looked like. Tall and lissom with a very attractive smile! But when she spoke, her words felt soothing and welcoming, as if we had known each other since forever.

And perhaps that was true as Judy explained star systems to me when we had settled down for a nice cup of coffee each and some gulab jamuns.

Judy is well-known worldwide as a catalyst for human evolution. I was keen for her to tell me what the process entailed.

And she did not hold back. To quote her: “We all come into this Milky Way galaxy as consciousness coming into form, spending life times within it. This journey begins from Lyra, which is a 12 th dimensional star system. From there we step down through different star systems till we finally arrive here on Earth.”

She further added that till 2012, Earth was vibrating on a slower pulsating third dimensional vibration. That was when we would come (over lifetimes) to the Milky Way Galaxy to receive God Energy, which is the creation energy coming from the heart of the Galactic Center of this galaxy.

Now, after 2012, the Earth has begun vibrating on a faster pulsating fifth dimensional vibration.


Wow! This was mind-blowing information. And we all thought the world was going to end in 2012.

The significance of 2012 was tremendous though, apparently because it was also the time of the opening of a cosmic portal called the Stargate of Aldebaran. This has allowed more powerful expanded energy to come into us and into our galaxy. Interestingly, Aldebaran was known by the ancient astronomers to be one of the Royal Stars and is connected with transformation and to new energy coming in.

I wondered if this energy surge could be the reason for the quicker speed of manifestation of the intentions we’ve been setting? Judy said it was entirely possible.

Through the huge windowpanes we could see the raindrops falling and the coconut trees swaying merrily in the breeze. This, Judy pointed out, was Ganesha’s Energy playing out: the magnificent energy of abundance, evolutionary upgrade and transformation finding expression through Nature.


Judy who had just returned from taking a group on a spiritual journey to Ladakh brought up the number 22 once again: the visit to Ladakh took place on 22nd September with 22 people. And we also had an eclipse on the 22nd of the month.

What was the effect of this intriguing profusion of the Master number?

(to be continued…)

(Sonia Rao is the Editor-in-Chief at Thriive Art & Soul)

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