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Darkness is just as essential for healing as light

Darkness is just as essential for healing as light

9 Jul, 2020

Bram Stoker said, “There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.” While going through any personal crisis, have you ever wondered why it’s happening to you and what you can learn from it? Some of us may even feel that we are not able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, or we get overwhelmed and feel like we are through a dark night of the soul and our problems simply refuse to cease. The dark night of the soul is a spiritual transformational process, a kind of existential crisis, that requires a deep and painful process and a unique set of circumstances that must be experienced for enlightenment. Darkness and light both are  created by God. It’s the limitations and illusions of our mind that separates light from the dark. Both good and evil continue to play an important role in the evolution of mankind. Darkness enables us to evolve and  integrate the knowledge at the core level, to become the best version of ourselves. Light represents awareness and knowledge while darkness represents the lack of it. It is the period of darkness that creates a quest within us to move towards the light. Haritha Nayak, an expert on Decoding dreams and dream analysis, Angelica Yantra and Rebirthing, discusses the significance of darkness and light, evolution of the soul and enlightenment.
Symbolism of light and darkness
People tend to give more importance to darkness because of lack of awareness about themselves. Experiencing extreme darkness in our lives represents sadness, depression and despair. When we are going through tough times, we find it difficult to discern and decode our life. When we close our eyes to meditate, the world around us appears dark, but its not really so. It is just an illusion. If there is too much light around us, we can’t go within the recesses of our soul. We have many incarnations on the planet, in some lifetimes, we go through extreme darkness, negative environment and negative people around us, while in some lives we live in the light, for instance the life of a monk or a Zen.
The essence of light 
Appa Deepo Bhava’– “Be a lamp unto yourself” – Shakyamuni Buddha
Offering light (such as lighting a candle) has since Buddha’s time symbolised not just an outer offering, but the most sacred dawning of inner wisdom, clarity, and awareness that awakens all beings from darkness of ignorance.
In order to appreciate the light, we need to experience darkness with neutrality, no comparisons with the light or rejection of the darkness. When we have experienced darkness and then experienced the light, then we will naturally keep choosing the light and all the good that we deserve, since we would have understood the essence of God. We then naturally arrive at a point in our soul journey, where we are only choosing good for ourselves and we stop experience contrast situations, which helped us earlier to master our lessons.
Be your own light 
After nearly half a century of teaching, the Buddha laid motionless surrounded by his distraught disciples. In tearful whispers, they pleaded, “Blessed One, who will be our teacher now? Who will guide us? How will we achieve enlightenment without your help?” The Buddha’s last words were, “Be your own light.” All those who had followed Buddha’s teachings understood that  truth is the light. Seek the truth, and the truth shall set you free. Free from sleep – sleepers awake! When Siddhartha Gautama “woke up,” he was recognized as “The Awakened One,” a Buddha. He was his own light, he was enlightened. Everyone has their own light. Inside each of us is the glow of the memory of who we really are, where we come from, and where we are going. In this light, the sound of truth can be heard as a clear as a temple bell.
Enlightenment and awakening 
In a moment of enlightenment, there is an understanding and awareness of the answers to our questions and  everything appears to be exactly as it should be with a divine reason and purpose. Throughout history, people have experienced enlightenment, a sudden illumination that reveals a larger reality. For a moment, an hour, a day, a year, people flower, unfolding to receive the Light. Enlightenment is an awakening to the awareness that everything is connected and we are all One. It may be felt as a sudden resonance, an awareness of the vibration of life energy and intelligence all around you. In an instant, you know everything intuitively, being a part of everything. Then the questions and questioner disappear, and only the Universe as it is, remains. It is a process and we need to be patient. Our kundalini also gets activated when we dispel darkness and get enlightened.
It’s important to understand that even through our darkest times, God loves all of us. Plato said, “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

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