Dating Your Dosha: Are You A Vata? |
Dating Your Dosha: Are You A Vata?

Dating Your Dosha: Are You A Vata?

4 Jul, 2019

Ayurveda has answers for everything. Whether it is about curing an illness, having sex or building strong relationships! Yes, you read that right. That’s why we believe its best to follow it completely when it comes to doshas too.

What is dosha?

Ayurveda can be termed as an earth science that works around the principle that we are made up of various dominant as well as subtle elements that build our personalities. The five main elements or panch-tatva [Agni (fire), Vayu (air), Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water) and Akash (space)] are the cruces of Ayurveda.

Obviously, Ayurveda emphasizes that each of us have different body types that predominantly determine our likes, dislikes, body structure, overall personalities and the way we date a person. Largely speaking, there are 3 categories of doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Vata is characterized by the mobile nature of air or vayu. Pitta encapsulates the spirit of fire or agni. Kapha carries the binding nature of the water or jal.

Dating a Vata? Here’s what you can expect

You attract people who you love in terms of their doshas too. Here are a few traits that you will definitely come across if you are dating a vata:

The Vata is governed by the element of air. So their energy levels are all over the place- forever enthusiastic and wholly unpredictable in the pattern of thoughts, vata is a multi-tasker in every sense. They can spring up from their bed and make you wonder where all that energy came from. They change their mind often, restless, fidgety, extremely spontaneous and very impulsive- they are ambitious, determined, creative, innovative, open-minded and always up for learning new things. They tend to get bored easily and strive to stay glued- hence, you must work on spicing up your relationship often. They crave for stability and balance in relationships. Too many things to take note of? We sum it up in 5 points for you-

  1. Love conversations: Vatas love to converse. LOVE is the word, we use (take note). They are chirpy, lively, loud and love to take lead in conversations. They might cut you to finish their lines because they’re head has reached the 50th idea while you were speaking of the 2nd (Excuse them please!).  Enthusiasm is their forte and so their ever-changing plans might confuse you too.
  2. Burnout and stress are their friends: Just as we said, if you find your partner complaining of being stressed- don’t be surprised. Since Vata is all over the place- physically, emotionally and mentally- they tend to tire easily. Always make sure to hear them out and have conversations. If they’re too tired to converse, just get them some snacks, please!
  3. Expect malleability: They’re the most spontaneous of all three doshas. They speak rather quickly and think faster. Minute-to-minute plans are their only constant. Everything for them is about mood, take note.
  4. Sleep issues: If you end up sharing a bed with a vata, expect disturbed sleep and extremely erratic sleep cycles. They find it difficult to fall asleep and take time to sleep in new environments. They love warm and cozy environments as they feel cold too easily.
  5. Fickle with relationships: Vatas can be serial daters- often hopping from one relationship to another. It’s their nature to be confused and fickle-minded at time. But once they commit to their partners, it will never be a rocky ride for you! They need ample space in a relationship. They tend to go often, but they will always return!

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