Decode your dreams to get a glimpse of your soul |
Decode your dreams to get a glimpse of your soul

Decode your dreams to get a glimpse of your soul

23 Jun, 2020

According to Carl Gustav Jung, “The dream is a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the soul, opening into that cosmic night which was psyche long before there was any ego-consciousness, and which will remain psyche no matter how far our ego-consciousness extends.”
Dreams are a great way of understanding our inner self, much like meditation. The purpose of dreams and meditation is the same – to know who we are and to work on ourselves. When we meditate, we go deep within ourselves and receive information, past memories, images from the past, signs etc. That’s exactly what dreams do too. Haritha Nayak, an expert on Dream Interpretation and Decoding, Angelic Yantra healing and Rebirthing discusses how we can interpret and decode our dreams and work on bettering ourselves.
Sleep is a state of consciousness 
According to Nayak, sleep is an unawakened state only for those who are living an illusion and do not wish to depe dive within themselves. Sleep is a state of meditation and our souls travel through different states of consciousness during our sleep. When a person takes simple steps to work on self, be it a simple meditation, it reflects in the dreams too. What we receive in our dreams, during meditation and how we live in our day-to-day lives are all interconnected, since the subconscious speaks the same language.
Inner work changes our dreams
According to Nayak, when we heal our blocks, our dreams change too. We need to first heal our emotional blocks and traumas which are all interconnected with our ego. Our dreams reflect how we are as a person and what we need to heal and what we have healed so far. The second step is to heal our family memories and karma, which may take many lifetimes. Ancestral healing, healing our relationship with parents, siblings etc. is all a part of family memories. Through dreams, we can also heal our ethnic and racial memories. It helps us understand and decode why we are born in a particular country, race, religion etc. and what is the purpose of our existence. Through our dreams, we also heal collective karma of our past lives where we may have played out patterns of abuser- victim which may take several lifetimes to heal. Some of our core blocks are difficult to heal, since we may have multiple layers to the  block. Although we may be healing it actively in our physical lives, we may find it difficult to dissolve the block completely. We can heal such blocks through decoding our dreams (explained below).
Decoding dreams about trees, animals and other human beings 
According to Nayak, people who dream of fallen and dead trees or trees with dried leaves, they have a problem in sharing with others and being grounded. The dream represents that the inner tree is sick and you are living an illusion and trapped in your life. If we see weak animals in our dreams, it symbolises low vital energy, since animals represent our life force, especially the energy in our lower chakras. If we see dreams of us flying high in the sky and if we feel that we don’t wish to come back on earth, it means we want to escape our reality. If we see huge objects, people, animals, trees and statues, and we see ourselves relatively tiny in the dreams, it represents a sense of inferiority. If we see ourselves as very huge and other objects, people, trees and animals as tiny, it represents superiority complex. Dreams reveal to us, our past, present and future.
Dreams are a veil between our ego consciousness and divine self
Dreams are a process where the veil between the ego and who we are as divine beings is lifted. If we want to know our inner selves and work on bettering ourselves, we will most likely remember our dreams upon waking up. Those who say that they don’t dream or don’t remember any of their dreams, they live an illusion and do not want to know themselves. This indicates a lack of receptivity and wanting to hold onto the ego. According to Nayak, when we reach a level of shedding off, most of our ego dies an ego death, we receive dreams about  helping the collective consciousness.
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