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Did you know that your aptitude for sports is your gift from past life?

Did you know that your aptitude for sports is your gift from past life?

27 Jun, 2019

It has been found that there is a core of a human body that keeps constant afar from life and death. It is the soul that brings together the lives in a string to make a necklace of good, bad and extraordinary. The soul is immortal and hence, the concept of re-birth came into existence because being immortal, a soul just sheds a body and moves further on its journey. The idea of rebirth also gets some perspective when you hear about people born with superhero talents and abilities of a professional and in other terms ‘God’s Gift’. It is believed that a talent that you have in one life is carried forward to your next life and hence is so deeply woven into your consciousness that it becomes a part of you and travels with you, even to your next life. 

Many people are born with talents like art, music, science, and history. For example, Pablo Picasso could play the Violin and other instruments like a professional only at the age of 5. It could be a talent that has been carried after death to a new life with the soul. God’s gift of talent is actually hard work done over the lives by a soul that is carried forward to a new life. Like history, art, science, and music an aptitude of sports and fitness can also be a gift achieved over time.

Sport is a discipline and it takes a lifetime to attain success in it, sometimes even more than a lifetime. You need hard work and a will that doesn’t give in to failures and fatigues. Playing a sport goes deep into your unconscious senses and hence you can concentrate even with an absent mind. A habit so intense and deep, definitely lasts more than a lifetime. But sometimes there are blocks which hinders your connection to a past life talent. A talent that can really help you in this life and you have worked hard for it, in some time and space.

What is a block?

A block is a hindrance in the connection that doesn’t let you connect to your past life talents or doesn’t let them come to the surface. There are many reasons for a block to occur like

  • A misuse of talent in past life
  • Sadness or trauma related to the talent
  • A tragic accident

You may or may not remember but your soul has seen it all. You’ll be surprised to learn that there is a chance you have put these blocks for yourself before the rebirth so that you can open up to new talents and abilities. But there are ways to retrieve your past life talents for a better understanding of life or to heal your past life issues. The past life regression therapy works towards taking you to the very core and access the energy you are devoid of. It can aid in healing many troubles of your present life, which is a result of a past life, or some deep- kept secrets.

A past life regression therapy can take you to the highest of your abilities and help you achieve them. Though you won’t become a genius in a day, you know the art and you have it somewhere in you, you have known that from your childhood but still have to practice. It will just polish your talent and capabilities. So, if you feel you were born with an aptitude for sports or arts or music, there is a chance you have been a big athlete or a big sports personality, or a musician in your past life and all this talent is just the result of something you have given your time and effort to. Though, don’t forget you still gotta work hard to beat today’s world and get better for the soul to carry a talent even stronger than the one you were born with.

Shivani Mehra is a budding author and a hopeless poet, a learning enthusiast and a dreamer who believes her dreams come true through writing.  

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