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Different ways of connecting with God during the lockdown

Different ways of connecting with God during the lockdown

21 May, 2020

The lockdown can be a stressful time for those who are used to worshiping God at places of worship only. But is it possible to connect with God only at places of worship? “I looked in temples, churches and mosques. But I found the Divine within my heart”- says Rumi. Thriive expert Shweta Chopra, a Life Coach, Reiki healer, and a Hypnotherapist discusses how we can connect with God and bring the temple home in our hearts during this lockdown.
Strengthening our bond with God is an inside-out process
Anytime is a perfect time to build and strengthen our connection with God, as the approach towards it is not an outside-in process, but an inside-out process. If we have a true desire to deeply connect with God, the place to establish this divine communication is immaterial. Even though the architecture, the vibration of a place of worship, divine consecration, and the collective energy of the worshipers gathering at a religious place matters, for it to become actually the abode or a sanctum of God, but this does not stop those who are truly desirous from building their connection with God.
Uplift your personal vibrations
For a relationship to exist with God primarily, regardless of the religious place, one must be clear of their desire to establish this connection.
Practice gratitude and surrender to the Divine at all times. Simultaneously create the inner temple alongside regardless of the outer one. We should become one with all living beings and respect their existence.
Once we start following this, we shall start uplifting to a higher level of consciousness. When we are vibrating high, the connection becomes even more experiential than a mere prayer.
Prayers, chants, worshipping music and spreading love
There are infinite ways to communicate with God. Everybody worships in different ways according to their religion and the culture they are born in. The different ways make them unique in connecting with the same source through different ascension paths. Since there can never be one stairway guiding us on this direction, we can benefit from building our own stairways, and i.e. practicing  divine communication. It can awaken us to this realization that it is about the expansion of the creative quality of means of communication and those creative pursuits can be anything from prayer, chants, worshipping music, meditation, rituals and spreading love.
Connecting with the Source
For any chosen mode of divine communication, one can take care of the basics at all times.
1) We should have a genuine desire to connect and merge with the Divine.
2) Make an altar at home, which is synonymous to the place of religious worship of your choice.
3) Align to a higher vibration. Setbacks are reroutes, not the endings. The more we align in high vibration, the more natural it becomes. Whatever we become, we attract, and vice versa. So, focus on becoming the temple of God. We can never be lost enough to not being found by God again. Persistence should be our tool, not the limiting emotions.
Bring the temple into your heart
Spiritually, the heart is the bridge between the ordinary and the divine. Usually, we live in survival and self pursuits mode whereas when operating from the heart, we learn to speak the language of the divine and attain an extra-sensory perception. If we have to make our body the temple of the divine, we must start with the heart. It is in our hearts that we store empathy, compassion and unconditional love. The more we vibrate with these emotions, the more we feel an expansion in our heart’s magnetic field quite literally. While the monkey mind finds it rather easy to debunk the spiritual side of our existence, the ability to connect with our heart is a gift. We should consider every action, thought and intention that transpires in us, as an act of God and make sure they are in sync with the divine frequency. Our hearts have always been a temple, it is up to us to awaken our dormant spiritual side and nurture the inner temple.
Moving away from religion towards spirituality
Every day, there are more and more people who are losing touch with reality, because of the absurdity of what is happening around them. People’s beliefs and faith are being shaken to the core and this is creating a moment of urgency for survival. When we feel threatened by our primal need for survival, we turn to God. This is the point when a believer turns into a seeker. During this time, many people are struggling with the fight and flight response. When a desire to seek the unknown awakens within us, we naturally start becoming spiritual.
Away from distractions, diving into our own divinity
We needed this time to slow down, but the sudden change of lifestyle due to the lockdown is affecting people. However, we can always rise above situations. There was a collective need and desire for freedom from a daily burnout. Everyone has the opportunity to develop great habits to nurture their connection with themselves and God in this slowed down period as right now, the spiritual energy is very high and rising higher.
Once a seeker, always a seeker
We might get lost and distracted from our path of seeking, but we shall always find ourselves drawn back to ask the same old questions and experience of what the incumbent life is not able to provide. The connection with God will continue to feed itself by the mere natural pull of our souls to converge back with the Source. Inner temple always needs a seed, the soul provides it nourishment in essence, even if the body and mind are distracted.
 Love is the biggest force in the universe
“Love is the house of God and you are living in that house”- Rumi. Love connects the ends of polarity. If light can have a counterpart then it is love. Not the ill-defined love we hear around, but the deep heartfelt love we experience at our core. If we are able to match our heart with the frequency of love, our journey gets accelerated through wisdom and every cell within us, getting consecrated with the engravings of an inner spiritual temple. Every human being is on a journey of human consciousness to God consciousness. This journey is infinite and uncertain in nature and one is continuously bombarded with the illusions, veil and karmic entanglements. But a desire to truly become one with God is all that matters.
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