Do you have a bounce back attitude? |
Do you have a bounce back attitude?

Do you have a bounce back attitude?

21 Jun, 2019

Life can throw us several curve balls that we didn’t expect! Just when we thought we had all of it in control, there goes one right at us. Neither were we prepared for it nor do we actually want it! I mean who asked for it? Why did it have to come right at this moment when I got it planned to the T! It happens with our gym routine, holidays, work goals, personal path, and even day plans and then comes the big ‘Why me, why now?’

When this happened to me earlier, I would love to call friends and find anyone who I could get my hand on to crib and whine and pretty much write off that whole day! The excuse was so powerful that the day stood no chance to bounce back.

When I would look back at the week, it would make me feel guilty especially when the emotion settled down – couldn’t I have just bounced back? Couldn’t I have just said – “Okay Nipa, what’s done is done, let’s move on to make Plan B?” A lot of mulling on this made it clear – we love connecting over problems, we love victimizing ourselves over problems and we love coffee over problems, for sure!

When I became an entrepreneur and saw this happen frequently, (oh trust me it does!) I knew I couldn’t afford to lose so many days by writing them off!!! Oh, no way – if I love what I do and believe in it, there has to be a huge metamorphosis with regards to this attitude, else I will be losing out on a lot!

So with practice in reality with many such situations, I finally created a bounce-back attitude at the moment. Sure when we calm down, we all process well but sometimes it can cost us ‘time’ – and time is the most precious currency we have, don’t we?

These are my steps to bounce back at the moment so I value my time:

#1 When something goes off track – first step I sit down and sip hot water: Hot water is the oldest Ayurveda detoxification method so instantly it makes me feel relaxed, calmer and even warm.

#2 I move – either walk around or deep breathe wherever I am (remember deep breath is also movement within the body. When we move, we get our mind to function positively and movement brings energy).

#3 My motto – ‘deviation is the universe’s way of re-direction’ – I say it sincerely from my heart – repeating it in my mind till I come to a comfortable place of believing it. Now it is automatic! This is key to having a fresh perspective and taking action from this point

#4 Action from new attitude – so if this is re-direction, then how can I constructively think of plan B and even C – and sometimes my plan B is also to surrender and ask for signs if the situation is such.

#5 Get down to it – act on plan B or surrender and move on to another aspect of my life – sometimes just go for a workout or sweat it out! This is all re-direction and I embrace it!

Bouncing back is the key to how we focus on the path of growth and action that if we don’t rewire ourselves to this attitude then, time is flying and passing us by – saying a quick hello as it moves at the speed of velocity! Let’s get on time’s backside ASAP with our bounce back attitude plan – we aren’t giving up for sure!

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