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“Experiment With The Goal Before Making It Permanent”, Says Certified Life Coach Nipa Asharam

“Experiment With The Goal Before Making It Permanent”, Says Certified Life Coach Nipa Asharam

25 Jun, 2019

Goals can get sour. Sometimes we lose interest and sometimes we move to a different path. However because in our head we decided that this was the goal, we see non-accomplishment as a failure, which demotivates us and derails us too! 

I have often seen the following happen to me with goals 

  • Excited at first and then a big drag 
  • Wanted something but now I feel different about wanting it 
  • The goal was actually just interesting but by mistake, I took it for a goal
  • The goal was borrowed from my friend who made it sound so interesting that I made it as mine too!

This will seem familiar to many of you, I know! Goal by definition is seen as something serious and committed – like a relationship that might last – so when it breaks – there is heartbreak and then there is pain and sadness and thoughts and judgments – too much! 

So tweaking goals is what I’m talking about before we decide this is it- this goal I’m kind of ready to be in a committed relationship with. It lets out the sadness and judgments out of the picture.  This is how we can go about goals as we move forward so that we bounce back with even more energy – even if don’t go ahead with the goal! Sounds so relaxing, right? 

#1 Make goals as an experiment with a short timeline. Avoid the word ‘goal’ altogether just for a while – with yourself and when you share with your buds! 

For eg if it is weight goals – instead of saying my goal is to lose 5 kgs in 1 month – what if we say, hey I’m going to experiment with this workout regime for a month and see what’s working and not working for me   – easy, fun and adding a little adventure to it.

Another example if it is career goals – instead of saying my goal is to be a social media expert for all small businesses – what if we say, hey I’m going to learn what it takes to be a social media expert and see what’s working and not working for me – experimentation is what we are talking about here.

#2 Post deadline figure what is working. The minute we do not call it a goal, we give ourselves room to see what we like, where we feel joy doing and what seems more innate to us. This could take us into something more specific or a whole new direction or just take this path to the next level! Till then keep in mind – it is just an experiment.

#3 Post deadline figure what is not working. This can be as fun as figuring what is working! So often we see this as something negative or as a failure. Well no! we are on a journey of evolution and constantly knowing and shaping ourselves. This is a huge part of it. Again it is an experimentation to know what is not working – that’s all. 

We forget the beauty of the human journey. We forget that we need our own time and space to know who we are and a big part of it is experimentation. Goals have a commitment and I completely respect them but a little fun figuring out what our goal is before we confirm will save us a ‘goal relationship break-up’. Before making a goal permanent, let us be on a path that let’s tweak it, twist it, swirl it around – let us be excited about it when we sign on the dotted line.

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