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Exploring Paradigms

Exploring Paradigms

There are two opposing paradigms shaping the world at present. The shamanic paradigm perceives the interdependency of all things. It points to an enormous web of creation that contains all of life. We have an important place in this web, but no more than a bumblebee, a cauliflower, or a giant squid. We are not separate from this web, and can therefore enter into communication with all things, and with the spirit that moves through all things. And then there is the hierarchical paradigm, which places a Creator God above His creation. Nature is no longer a web but a ladder, with human species occupying the top rung of the ladder. There is an enormous gulf between man and the rest of the creation, and an even bigger gulf between ourselves and our Creator.

We Are the Protectors of Mother Earth

In the shamanic paradigm, Earth is our mother, whom we love and respect. The earth does not belong to us; rather we belong to the earth. We are placed on this earth as guardians and caretakers for other lives. Incarnating here is a privilege, and requires an attitude of responsibility and maturity. We recognise that if we fail in our tasks, we could easily be replaced and that none of us is greater than the balance of life itself.
In the hierarchical paradigm, the earth is perceived as a resource that belongs to us by right. Even though we barely understand the nature of our Creator God, we have taken upon ourselves to become His sole representative upon earth. We claim dominion over all things or in other words the right to use and plunder resources at will. We give ourselves license to do what we want, when we want to, with anyone we want and get away with it.

Survival Has Become a Struggle

From this paradigm emerges the idea of ‘survival of the fittest’. Rather than harmony and inter-dependence being the guiding principles in an immense circle of life, we find ourselves selfishly pitted against nature, against each other, and against the very forces of life, weakening and destroying the delicate balance that nature has accomplished over long aeons of evolution. Survival has become a struggle, and we justify this struggle by claiming we are the ‘fittest’ and ‘strongest’, and therefore have more of a right to be here than the millions of species we have driven to extinction.

A False Dichotomy With Nature

Additionally, we have created a false dichotomy between creation by divine design and evolution by natural selection. While rightly questioning whether there is a transcendental force separate from the laws of nature, our current understanding of evolution ignores the divinely creative intelligence that pervades the entire web of life. Dismissing the vast creative fields of conscious intelligence that weave together an entire cosmos, we justify the tyranny of one ‘divinely ordained’ species dominating the earth.

Debunking the Myth of Survival of the Fittest

To be fair to Charles Darwin, father of modern evolutionary theory, it was never his intention to glorify ‘survival of the fittest’ as a model for evolution. How many people are aware that this particular term was used only twice in his entire 800 page thesis, On the Origin of Species, the second time being an apology for ever having used that term before? He himself understood that it was not a competition but rather instinctive co-operation that sustains the web of life, and had been attempting to highlight our human capacity to step out of pure animal instinct to consciously enter a higher evolutionary realm, operating from love. It was the robber barons of that age who took over his message and warped it to justify their self-serving agendas. Unfortunately, this deliberately distorted version has become the cornerstone of evolutionary theory today.

A Clash of Paradigms

We are facing a clash of paradigms between a life-enhancing, sustainable world view which indigenous people around the world seem to still adhere to, and the self-destructive agendas of our current globalist age. One leads to renewal and life, the other to extinction and death. Which one do we choose?
Kiara Windrider, MA, is a psychotherapist and author, whose great passion has been to investigate the journey of human evolution in the context of long-range cycles of time. He has approached this study through the eyes of shamans, geologists, historians, physicists, prophets and mystics, and come to the firm conviction that we stand collectively at the brink of a quantum evolutionary leap beyond our wildest dreams.
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