Finding the Purpose of Our Existence |
Finding the Purpose of Our Existence

Finding the Purpose of Our Existence

It’s a question that drives us. Or rather, it’s the answers we seek to a question that drives us. It’s the question asked by a man named Pontius Pilate, governor of a little province called Judea, to a man named Jesus, who has sparked more change and controversy than the world will ever know. It’s a question you keep asking yourself until the answers emerge unasked and the question itself disappears.

The Answers Dissolve Into Silence

As a wise man said once, it is only when the answers dissolve into silence that the purpose of a question has been served. A true question is not meant to seek for an answer but to refine the question itself. Not just the question, but the questioner. A true question demands a change in perception, it pushes us to a place where we are no longer waiting for an answer, but rather where we turn our gaze look within ourselves.

Seeking the Truth of Who We Are

What is Truth? Who are we, why are we here on this tiny little planet in a great big universe, why are all these dramas being played out across our experience of time? Are we who they say we are, the universe reflecting itself, unveiling itself, a singularity of consciousness revealed in a quadrillion tiny sparks of light in a constantly changing dance of life?  Or are we insignificant little specks of dust blowing in the wind of our own self-importance? Are the answers limited to a single question, a single perspective?

The Shadow Dance of Humanity

The title “Shadows of a Dying Age” occurred to me as I felt an urge to begin writing this blog series. I found myself writing about our existence in the world, where we come from, and what we are moving towards. I found myself writing from a place of concern for the state of the planet, the madness of these times, for the survival of our species. But also from a place, where I understood that the planet is not separate from me and that in truly understanding myself I can begin to understand this bitter-sweet shadow dance of humanity. The answers are not fixed out there. They are a fluid response to my own deep engagement of life. The answers become the mirror of my own self-awareness. If I am only questing for seeking answers, I find myself defining and interpreting external realities to reflect certain positions, and then getting attached to that position. But if I am questioning to seek the truth, I simply enter into a wideness, where answers come into the sky of the mind like the morning mist rising up from the valleys below. They are not many answers as perspectives, multi-dimensional layers of understanding where the winds of truth can blow.

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