Force-filled Flow: When force is power |
Force-filled Flow: When force is power

Force-filled Flow: When force is power

4 Jun, 2019

I am water element so flow is what I love. Flow is effortless and brings joy but at times I have seen it steer me towards a certain direction and not push myself out of my comfort zone.  At that point I started to ask – Could flow at times stagnate you? Does performance need more than flow? Is ‘force’ always bad?

Then I came to realize that I had taken a myopic definition of ‘force’. Maybe formed an opinion by what others’ opinion was.

Well, in fact, some of the places where ‘force’ brought massive action and presence as I recollect today are:

  • When there was a family emergency
  • When there was a crazy deadline
  • When I had to fill up college admission forms to get into the desired college
  • When I had to push myself to study for my C.A. examination
  • When I had to finish my checklist before I took that flight for my vacation

So ‘force’ did work isn’t it? Conditionally, it works it applies in places and may be pushing yourself enough is the key. But there might be places where the force is unwarranted.

So first let’s redefine ‘force’ for ourselves – Force is the push factor that makes us act.

Let us go with this definition for just a little while and see where force can benefit us. This way we can ‘manufacture’ enthusiasm which otherwise comes effortlessly!

#1 Force a growth mindset: Obstacles = Growth. When we flow, we see obstacles as the universe’s signs to not go ahead but when we want to see an obstacle as growth, that will change. Can we then deliberately put ourselves in bigger obstacles that challenge us and lead to inner power? Think about it.

#2 Force a public announcement of goals: Athletes and legends thrive on it. Once they declare their goals, they are bound by it because of their fans and self-respect. Well, we might not have their public image but we still have an image where we want people to believe in us. Let us leverage that. Announce your goals to your accountability coach or buddy coach or if social media makes you deliver them. Use it to your advantage.

#3 Force the fear out: Flow often tells you to use love as the route but we are humans with real emotions. To overcome fear, we can’t wait till it leaves us! Sometimes we have to force it out by acting ‘with fear’ and this will require a bit of a push. We will keep making new timelines till we feel 100% fearless but that can take dangerously long. So force the fear out with a clear-cut timeline or deadline and do the action anyway!

#4 Force yourself to act like who you want to become: when we see people we admire, we instantly differentiate ourselves from them. He is the Dalai Lama. She is Oprah Winfrey. He is Jeff Bezos. Belittling our own capacity to perform and excel. Attitude needs to change before action so we act differently. This can be achieved by stimulating the attitude of these legends – ‘acting like them’ with behavior, habits, routines – it is the most practical and feasible way to start. This too needs a bit of a push but it can completely change the mindset!

Force always sounded bad to me! It was even hard to see the good side of ‘force’ but redefining it for myself eased the bad guy out and got the good guy in. Today ‘force’ is my powerful ally. Make an attempt to be friends with force in the right places ☺

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