Forgetting is NOT Forgiving: Hurl Those Haughty Emotions |
Forgetting is NOT Forgiving: Hurl Those Haughty Emotions

Forgetting is NOT Forgiving: Hurl Those Haughty Emotions

25 Sep, 2019

Remember the time you couldn’t forgive your childhood friend for stealing your chocolates? Or the time when your neighbour bitched about your boyfriend to your parents? Suddenly as you read this, you may recollect other instances from childhood that caused a bitter taste in you. 

As you grew up, you may have forgotten the episode. Wait, have you FORGOTTEN them or you have FORGIVEN those people? 

What is Forgiveness?

“One of the hardest truths that you’ll learn in life is to forgive yourself and others even when you don’t get an apology,” isn’t this a great Whatsapp Status or at least worth a forward? Well, yes. But if you try understanding it in a deeper sense, you’ll realize that at many levels, we ourselves don’t follow it. 

Forgiveness can mean a plethora of things to you but in the real sense, it is about accepting, acknowledging and releasing your emotions. Forgiveness is the ability to let go of the uncomfortable feeling that you’re holding inside. When you have processed and released those emotions inside you and replaced them with compassion and gratitude, you heal in the truest sense. 

How to forgive someone?

Forgiveness is a three-fold-process: To understand emotions, To release those emotions, replace it with compassion. Replace it with something good in your life. Whenever something occurs that creates great discomfort, our immediate response is to feel remorse or regretful. All our uncomfortable emotions together (which are not addressed), become a part of your psyche and nervous system and get absorbed in your sub-conscious. 

“So as you go on with your life, these uncomfortable memories from your past, literally become like invisible horns on your head. So the next time, you interact with the same person or the same situation, there is uneasiness in your nervous system. And this uneasiness has a physical manifestation as well as an emotional reaction,” says Nidhi Pandya, a Thriive-verified Ayurveda expert.

What happens when you don’t forgive someone?

A lot of us tend to bottle emotions within us. The ultimate problem is us not being able to express our emotions clearly. People who bottle things up, and not express (acknowledgment of emotions), go for addiction or for a preoccupation. 

When you carry negative emotions, they emit heat in your body. This heat causes multiple gut or neurogenerative diseases. They can also deplete the mucus lining that can cause stomach disorders.

Forgiveness is the first step to wellness

Forgiveness is a side-effect of understanding your own emotions. “According to Ayurveda, every emotion has quality. For example, anger is heaty and drying, anxiety is drying, fear is drying and slightly heaty. When you forgive someone truly, you stay in your body’s natural equilibrium. Forgiveness hence helps in keeping you healthy,”  she added. 

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