Give, especially when you’re feeling down! Here’s how! |
Give, especially when you’re feeling down! Here’s how!

Give, especially when you’re feeling down! Here’s how!

21 Dec, 2018

When a human heart opens, it craves nothing more than to give back to the world!

By Sonia Rao

Festivals are about catching up with family and friends, wearing new clothes, tucking into celebratory food and in general, feeling happy and having a great time.

But happiness is not served in equal cups to everyone. Had a bad year? Lost a dear one to death or a breakup? Perhaps, a debilitating illness has you in its grip? You might be in such a situation or might know someone in one. The temptation (and often, it needs medical support to be tackled) is to spiral down into an abyss of darkness to avoid the pain.

We human beings are always in pursuit of happiness. And studies reveal that the sure-fire path to happiness is by giving. Yes, that is the rope that will help you pull yourself out of the pit of melancholy.

Give as much as you can (no, over-giving to an ex who has clearly moved on does not count). Open up your heart and give back to the world.

Here are 5 ways you can give and make a much-needed difference in people’s lives:

1) Gift smiles to at-risk kids with your old/new toys

This festive season bring a smile on the faces of at-risk children (those kids who are disadvantaged physically, financially and psychologically) by gifting them toys. The children get an additional benefit of honing their cognitive, social, physical and emotional skills at their young, impressionable age.

We, at Thriive Art & Soul, have tied up with Toy Bank, an NGO that promotes the Right To Play for all children, in this activity.

You can drop off the toys at the Thriive office from Monday – Friday (10am – 5pm) till the 10th of January. Call on +91 7506424584 / +91 22 6666 6036 / E-mail: [email protected] if you need assistance with the dropoff.

Do spread the word and spread the smiles.

2) Gift warmth to those who shiver in the cold outdoors

It’s celebration time but the weather can be a huge spoilsport for those whose homes are the pavements with the sky as their roof. Award-winning NGO, Goonj, has been doing stupendous work to uplift the rural sector with the aid of the urban. Check their website for the list of things you can provide that would make a huge difference in someone’s life (often a case of life and death, when it becomes extremely cold). If your altruistic self is still seeking an outlet, there are many ways to volunteer with Goonj.

3) Gift yourself a new Granny

No, your own grandmother need not feel threatened. Helpage India has activated a new programme to provide support to thousands of destitute elders so that they too can live a life of sustenance and dignity. If your family is far away and you’re feeling low because of that, call up the NGO and volunteer some quality time with the elders. You will definitely get much more happiness out of this.

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