Grit to Glory: Anika’s story of breaking free |
Grit to Glory: Anika’s story of breaking free

Grit to Glory: Anika’s story of breaking free

22 Nov, 2019

We all have witnessed, heard or read about break-ups and divorces. And the phase that follows is when one strives to ‘move on’. We often associate it with missing the other person, looking back at the past, feeling empty and coping up with loneliness. And of course, a lot of tears and emotional baggage. 

But Anika feels differently. 

Sometimes, it’s not about the other person- it’s about oneself. ‘Moving on’ does not always have to include clinging on to the past memories or having a strong urge to go back to the same person. 

When Anika decided to end her one and a half year-long marriage, the difficult part was not to move on from her ex-husband- the real struggle was moving on from the kind of person she had become through the period of the marriage. 

This is a story about moving on- from one’s old, less confident self to a new, super optimistic self, ready to take on every challenge with a renewed spirit. 

Right after Anika broke away from her marriage, she dragged herself through a period of constant self-questioning.  As she describes it, “It was a ripple, a series of bad decisions, one after the other”. She doubted herself every step of the way, blamed herself incessantly and couldn’t convince herself that she deserved better. 

Several days and months went by as she tried to figure out what exactly went wrong. 

But she summoned her inner strength to carve her way out of this “suction” that kept pulling her down. It was time to arise anew. 

Her rebuilding phase began with Reiki, which she has been learning since she was just fifteen. “Reiki has been one of the major healers in my life,” says Anika as she describes how she completed her third degree in Reiki recently. Apart from being a Reiki master, she is also a certified yoga trainer. “Yoga helped me find my inner peace,” she said. 

Anika coupled yoga with regular meditation. “Meditation is anchoring your thoughts on one thing and channelizing them towards your inner consciousness,” she said. She believes that there is a universe inside each of us and when we shift from our outer world to our inner world and start exploring it, that process itself is called ‘meditation’. 

She also used color therapy to heal her chakras by focusing on VIBGYOR, wherein each color represents a chakra. “Colors can help you heal- while a pink can make you feel very happy and fragile, green can make you feel emotional and a red can evoke jealousy, anger, and love,” she said. 

While Reiki cleared her energy blockages, Yoga helped her become mindful of herself and her actions.  

“Music has always been my saviour,” said Anika, who is also a music enthusiast and a voice coach, “And I don’t confine myself to any genre,”. She loves immersing herself in her riaz and believes that her life is dedicated to music. “During the difficult phase of my life, I was far away from music, and that didn’t work out very well for me”

After she got out of her marriage, she slowly started reconnecting with her true love for music. Music helped her feel closer to her own self. She started attending gigs, concerts and even began working in a music college. 

“Teaching gave me a lot of perspectives about different things, I learnt and I unlearnt a lot of things”

Alongside a series of alternative therapies, Anika also sought new experiences to break old patterns and embarked on a journey of backpacking trips. She met new people, explored new places and gained unique insights into life and how it’s meant to be lived. “I was blessed that the Universe was supporting me because the law of attraction works that way- when you seek out positivity, positivity comes to you.”

From being tied down in a toxic relationship to breaking free as a happy, independent and peaceful individual, Anika has come a very long way. 

“I would not compare my before and after,” she says, “What I was doing before was just for the sake of it. Today, there is complete awareness and consciousness about everything I do.”

Anika’s story of ‘moving on’ represents strength, freedom and the right that each of us is born with but turn oblivious to- the right to be who we are and be proud of it. 


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  1. A great insight to someone who is a torch bearer to all those people who fill their lives with negativity and self pity. Way to go Anika. You are an inspiration to women who feel that life ends with their broken marriage. Keep the flame alive always


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