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Happy New Year : Numerology predictions for 2020

Happy New Year : Numerology predictions for 2020

30 Dec, 2019

The Year 2020 is a 4-universal year! (2+0+2+0 = 4)

The key theme this year will be order, responsibility, stability, home, family, tradition, traditional and conservative approaches, systems, manifestation, conservation, peace, physical reality, and practical solutions. The main theme of the year will be WORK! It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get that work done physically. Use the last week of 2019 to contemplate and write down lists of things to be accomplished, changes to be imbibed, new systems to be implemented, new disciplines and regimens to be started, because in 2020 that’s what you will be busy doing! You are being asked in 2020 to lay down foundations for long-lasting success, security, stability, and grounding by building something valuable that is everlasting.

The number 4 makes you focus on what really matters, cuts down frivolity, and helps you build those dreams that you had visualised in 2019. You will have the required strength and fortitude to work outstanding results for yourselves. With full commitments, conscious engagement, diligence, and courage, you can open doors to immense success and happiness and a good financial flow in your life in 2020. Do remember the 2s in 2020 require sensitivity, tact, diplomacy, and attention to detail in all our dealings to get maximum benefit.

2020 is a very special year of perfect vision and accomplishment! 2020 also unveils a brand-new operating manual for the next decade.  Also, a great year for spirituality where we must reconnect ourselves with our universal guide. Start this new year and this new decade mindfully and see yourself rise to your highest potential!

Calculate your own personal prediction for 2020

Add your birth date + birth month + universal year

Reduce all numbers to a single-digit

That final number will be your personal year in 2020

The scale for personal years is from PY1 to PY9

11 and 22 are retained as they are and not reduced to a single digit as they are master energy numbers and carry special and heightened energies.

Calculation examples

If your birth date is 3rdMay, your calculation will be

3 +5 (May) +4 (2020) = 12 = 3, hence it will be a 3-personal year for you in a universal year 4(2020).

One more example is a birthday of 15th October

15 +10 +2020

6+1 +4 = 11 personal year

Given below are details on your Personal year (PY) predictions for 2020. Calculate your PY as per the above calculation and read your predictions. Remember, whatever is your personal year, it is a part of the universal year 4 (2020), hence read and understand it in the larger picture.

PY 1

New Beginnings, Action, Initiative, New goals, New Ideas

You will experience a new beginning in some or all areas of your life. You are starting a new nine-year cycle with this being your Year 1 and that too in a new decade! Hence think very carefully of what changes you would want in your life, relationships, career, etc. in the coming years and sow the seeds NOW! This is a year to initiate change. You will feel the need to let go of that which is not working for you and imbibe that which you need, and this will set the tone for the year. It is a great time to initiate new ideas and ambitions, and in 2020 with hard work and dedication, you can actually manifest them in a practical way. Create a strong focus on initiating and building your dreams!

PY 2

Cooperation, New partnerships, Balance, and Patience

In a PY 2, the focus is on building and maintaining partnerships of all kinds – business and personal. Working with people with tact and diplomacy is the key to success. Listen to your gut, slow down, take a back seat – meticulous planning and correct timing will help you gain success. With the additional 2s in 2020 as well, this year you will be sensitive with heightened intuition, hence listen to your inner voice for guidance. You may be highly sensitive to people and things, especially around full moon and new moon. So if you feel a little off-kilter you can get into your shell till you feel like coming out again. Embrace your inner physic! Music will be a balm to your soul.

PY 3

Self-Expression, Communication, Creativity, Social contacts, Pleasure, Beauty, Fun times

A great year to be out and about having fun with a wide circle of friends. Communication is the key this year. Express your inner desires, travel, broaden your horizons, radiate positivity and sunshine. Tune into your creativity and use 2020 to manifest your creative ideas to the world. Use your social connections to build something meaningful, great time to write that book, pen that story, act in that play. Your Imagination is limitless, and be aware – don’t squander the year only in fun and frolic!


Organisation, Planning, Details, Focus

A PY 4 in a universal year 4 (2020) is a time to concentrate on WORK! Manifest your goals, create that stability, security, and rock-solid foundation that is everlasting. A traditional approach will work best. Be aware from being too rigid and dogmatic. Pay attention to ideals and the right way to do things. Shortcuts will backfire. Pay extra attention to detail. Focus on home and family, society, and country. Great year to buy a home or office. Work diligently and realize your true potential!

PY 5

Change, Freedom, Flexibility, Opportunities, Sales, Marketing, Surprises and Adventure

Embrace change! Take that leap of faith, get that new job, enter into a new relationship, explore newer ways of living, travel, do thing as you have never done before. You have nothing to lose. Free yourself from your self made bondages. Flexibility and adaptability are the keys to achieving new heights and unexplored territory this year! Be aware to make constructive use of freedom. It is a time of transformation and calculated risk-taking. Take care of your physical body.

PY 6

Home, Family, Children, Society, Nurturing, Elderly, Marriage, and Beauty.

A protected year wherein all your energies will be used towards the care of loved ones, or society as a whole. It is a great year for marriage and children, pets and dependents. A year when your senses are very developed towards form, design, texture and color. All forms of beauty will appeal to you. You will connect, embrace and care for people in your own special way, thereby making lasting relationships. Do not neglect yourself while being too available for others. Find a balance. Enjoy your responsibilities and heal yourself and others. Focus on financial wealth and overall wellbeing.


PY 7

Analysis, Rest, Rejuvenation, Alone time, Intuition, Spiritual discoveries, Sabbatical, Higher wisdom

This is an internal year. PY 7 urges you to take rest and rejuvenate your mind and body to reassess your internal, universal and spiritual beliefs. You will carefully analyse everything. Guard against being over critical or over-analysing. A great time to act on your intuition. Take your insights and inspirations and manifest them into real, practical, tangible growth. Spend time with nature – mountains beckon. Seek wisdom and truths. Be the bridge between spiritual and material realms! Be a hermit.

PY 8

Money, Manifestation, Resources, Leadership, Goals, Strength, Power, Rewards

An out and out external year. You are all over the place trying to actualise your goals and dreams. This is your year of leadership and empowerment. Focus on work, building, creating, money,expansion and leadership. Use your strength with benevolence for your higher good and that of others. Create abundance for others and see that come back to you manifold. Lead, direct, succeed!

PY 9

Culmination, Completion, Release, Universal Love, Leadership, Wisdom, Spirituality

You have come a full circle. That which needs to move ahead with you in your next cycle of 9 years will be retained and people and things which have completed their journey with you will simply move on from your life this year, either quietly or with a bang. Either way, it’s a time of culmination, completion, and release. Envision yourself in the next nine years and start making plans to move ahead as the new you. Old patterns and behaviors may cease to exist. Embrace change knowing that what is coming is for your higher good. A year of wisdom and spirituality, a universal consciousness and a knowing that every ending is a new beginning!

PY 11

Central theme is like the PY 2 but in a PY 11, your senses are very heightened. A very intuitive year. Please tap into this master energy potential and realise your visions and dreams. A very physic year.

PY 22

This year is very much like the 4 but on a much larger scale. It’s a master builder year. Manifest and create on a very large scale using the master energies.

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