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Heal yourself with these crystals 

Heal yourself with these crystals 

1 Nov, 2019

Crystals have been the new trend in the world of spirituality and wellness. However, most people are still confused about how to use them to heal themselves. If you, too, are allured by the magical beauty of crystals but are wondering what to do with them, then read our guide to healing crystals and how to use them. 

Blue lace agate

This crystal that looks like the reflection of blue sky and clouds in clear water is an impressive healer of anxiety and addresses overwhelming feelings. With milky blue strips, this gorgeous crystal has incredibly calming energy. Keep this crystal in your bag or wear it as a piece of jewellery to navigate through your day without feeling anxious. 


If you are someone who is incredibly perceptive and usually absorbs a lot of energy from your surroundings then Selenite is a must-have crystal for you. This powerful crystal that resembles a glacier cleanses your aura and harmonizes your innate energy. Before going to sleep, place this crystal on your chest for 3-5 minutes and lay meditatively to cleanse your aura.


Are you worried about a leaky wallet? Or facing trouble with upcoming financial deals? Pyrite will aid you to sort out your balance sheets by manifesting energies and removing the blocks to financial prosperity. The best way to use this crystal is by carrying it in your purse or pocket where you keep your money. 


This black and glossy crystal is not just a favourite among crystal healers but also among scientific researchers. Shungite is scientifically proven to neutralize the electromagnetic frequency from electronic devices. Hence, to build a healthy relationship with your tech accessories, place this crystal next to your laptop, computer or other significant devices. 

Black tourmaline

This is the most commonly used crystal. This pitch-dark crystal shields your energy and protects you from energy vampires. So, if you often feel drained after meeting some people then it’s time to flaunt a black tourmaline bracelet and protect your energies.  

How to amplify the crystal’s healing effect

  • Set the intention

We all have heard about setting the objectives in our business books but we never learned this principle from doctors or healers. However, setting an objective or intention will help you to channelize your efforts and energy in the healing process. The same goes for the healing powers of crystals as well. Hence, many healers recommend sitting with your crystals at least for few minutes every day and repeating your affirmations and intentions to channelize its energy. 

  • Meditate with them

The world is going gaga over this spiritual practice. And it’s certainly justified because of the immense power it holds. Meditation helps you to bring your concentration and energy flow in the present and aligns your thoughts with your surroundings. This helps you to know yourself and everything around you. Hence, meditating with crystals will help you to realize the energies they radiate and become mindful of how they affect you. 

  • Stay in touch

Make sure that your crystals are with you during the most part of your waking time. You can either wear them as jewellery or carry them around in your purse. Consistency is incredibly important in any healing practice and the same rule is true for crystal healing therapy as well. 

  • Welcome them in your bath

Bathing is a cathartic process for most people. Place these high-energy crystals in your bathroom or put them in your bathtub. As water carries energy and bathing in itself is a detoxifying process, crystals will help you to get rid of the negative energies and fill your body and mind with positive vibes. However, not all crystals are meant to be in the water. Crystal healers recommend Shungite and rose quartz in the bathroom to radiate some self-healing energy.  

These sparkling beauties are more powerful than you think and to make the most of these healing powers it is always a good idea to start with the help of a professional healer who will help you to dig deeper. If you are still wondering then talk to professional crystal healers on Thriive today! 

Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems.

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