Here are top 3 energy healing techniques |
Here are top 3 energy healing techniques

Here are top 3 energy healing techniques

4 Dec, 2019

As we are getting closer to the web, we are getting more disconnected in the real world. This hyper exposure to information and to various devices has left us with dysfunctional minds and bodies. Lately, there’s heightened awareness amongst people about such modern disorders. Those who want to change this have started walking on the path of a minimalistic and holistic lifestyle.

In order to discipline and cure themselves people are turning towards eastern philosophies. One such concept that the modern man of the 21st century is obsessed with is energy. From Japan to India, several Asian traditional medicines talk about energy which is the life force that controls our well-being. This energy is the balance centre or the powerhouse that helps our body and mind to function well.

What is energy healing?

When energy centres in our bodies get disrupted, there’s a disruption in the body or mind’s natural rhythm. This gives rise to several ailments and manifests in physical form. Energy healing uses energy to fix such imbalances in the body with various techniques. 

Top energy healing techniques

Reiki: This is the most popular technique of energy healing. In Reiki, the practitioner channelizes healing energy in your body to activate your body’s natural healing mechanism. Reiki is said to be effective in curing terminal diseases such as cancer and depression as well. Though doctors from the mainstream field credit that to the placebo effect, there’s no denying that this simple energy healing technique is incredibly effective. 

Crystal Healing therapy: The Mayans, Egyptians, and even the Sumerians used this technique to cure themselves of some of the deadliest diseases. Even though the times have changed, the healing power of crystals is still relevant to modern ailments. Crystals heal energy blocks or other energy imbalances. In this therapy, the crystals are placed on the body for healing. They are said to have certain vibrational frequencies that transform our energies. When the frequencies of your body and the crystal respond to each other, they transform the flow of energy and remove blocks. 

Acupuncture/Acupressure: Both acupuncture and acupressure concentrate on the energy centres in your body that have a cluster of nerve endings. The therapist either uses pressure or needles to release blockages at these energy centres. Once the blockages are released, the body is said to restore its internal healing power, thereby activating its self-healing mode. 

Now that you are aware of techniques, here’s what else you need to know:

Identify your and the healer’s energy: Your energy is your story. It’s conditioned based on your life experiences. Just like you, it reacts to a certain stimulus and is suppressed or shuts down with other stimuli. For you to benefit the most from your therapy, you need to know whether you and your therapist’s/healer’s energy is on the same wavelength. 

Intuition and Vibes are powerful: You will know and feel it when a certain technique or a therapist is right for you. You will feel light and in tandem with everything around. You will no longer be struggling with energy blocks, mental barriers and even become more accepting of people around you. Basically, when you start healing, you are not in a reactive state you are in a responsive state wherein you don’t drain your energy but just invest it.  

Know the strategy of your immune system

Your immune system has developed a certain mechanism that may be unique and different from others. Some people have allergies to certain things because their immune system is conditioned to that behaviour. Similarly, you need to know your immune system’s reciprocity patterns and if it co-ordinates with energy healing therapies in the right way.

Most of us are paying a high price for our topsy-turvy lifestyles. It’s not just the external harmful agents that we have to protect ourselves from but also internal discrepancies caused by lifestyle issues. Alternative medicines have an inside-out approach to restore our body and mind in their natural states. Energy healing is one of the powerful techniques in the alternative medical field. Try out some energy healing therapies and let us know the difference it makes in your life.   

Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems.

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