Here's how the Coronavirus Pandemic is helping people heal |
Here’s how the Coronavirus Pandemic is helping people heal

Here’s how the Coronavirus Pandemic is helping people heal

24 Apr, 2020

We at Thriive were intrigued to learn how the pandemic and lockdown is affecting the people, especially those on the journey of self-discovery. That’s why we spoke to our experts to find out their experiences with people they interact with and guide. Our experts said that most people are using the lockdown period effectively to reach within their inner temples of love and peace, and learning how to maintain an ecological balance. Here’s what our experts Ankur Rupani, Anu Sachar, and Haritha Nayak have to say.

Self- reflection

Ankur Rupani, an expert in Life Coaching, Mindfulness and Meditation said, “This is the best time for reflection, if practiced correctly. Even for those who have been shaken to the core, they should not use it as an escape by watching movies and soap operas. People should introspect on questions like who am I, and what is my life’s purpose?”

Corona is not a threat 

Rupani further elucidates the importance of the virus. “The virus is a living being and just like human beings, it is trying to live. The way it is portrayed by the government and the media is as if there is a war with the virus, which is not true, since nothing can threaten a peaceful and harmonious person. It is also a good time to reflect on our cultural and gender disparity.”

Taking care of nature

We should all take care of nature post the pandemic. We had forgotten to take care of ourselves and others and this virus is allowing us time to do so. 

Harmony with our environment

A periodical lockdown every few months is a good idea to live in harmony with the environment. We can learn this from the animal kingdom since they have been living in complete harmony with other creations.

Spiritual awareness 

Rupani emphasised that all religions have stated that the divine is within us. He said, “We have to realise that God is within us and within everybody else. We can bring the temple in our hearts during this lockdown since all religious places of worship are shut. India is certainly moving deeper spiritually due to the pandemic. The way of worshipping God and  practicising rituals is changing. The pandemic is also an opportunity to bridge the gap between the government, corporates politicians and citizens. People at the helm can channel it in the right direction if there is enough self awareness.”

Abundance and Gratitude

Anu Sachar, a Holistic Life Coach, Trainer and Psychologist shares her observations, “There is a lot of gratitude and abundance being experienced presently. Everybody is grateful for being alive and for what they have, which was being conveniently ignored earlier. At a time when there is fear and uncertainty, people have realised that no amount of money, power or social connections can help them. People are being grounded in the present.”

Acceptance & Forgiveness 

“We are all creatures of habit who have been conditioned through many lifetimes. The current upheaval is a more internal one which will raise the human consciousness. We are always connected. There is an awareness among people regarding how we can all collaborate and come together to help others. The theme of self-forgiveness and forgiveness is also coming up. For long people have been in denial and now gradually  acceptance is coming to the fore. 

Embracing the change 

Whatever the upheaval is bringing up, it should be embraced gracefully. “My clients have been experiencing upheaval through aches and blockages in the body, “she added.

Practice “karuna

Sachar highlighted the importance of having compassion during this time. Compassion in Sanskrit is Karuna, and once compassion starts flowing, the crown chakra heals and balances itself which in turn heals the throat chakra. The energy flows down uptil the root chakra thereby healing blocks of survival and stability. Corona in Latin indicates the crown.

Relationship issues 

Haritha Nayak, an expert in Dream Analysis, Past Life Regression and Angel therapy said,” I have observed among my married clients that during the lockdown of 21 days, relationship and emotional problems are majorly coming up to the surface which had been pushed under the carpet for long. Everyone has to contemplate their relationship, actions and behaviour, and how it plays out. Earlier, when people used to come home from work, there was no time to discuss relationship issues with spouses.”

Fear of abandonment

“Fear of abandonment, being divorced and deserted which is ingrained in this lifetime due to sub-conscious memories from past lives are also resurfacing for healing,” she added.

Addressing emotional and financial fears 

“One of my clients has been presently experiencing regular symbolic dreams of dying in the past lives. In the olden days, there was more emotional and financial dependence. In the last decade, there has been an imbalance of extreme independence. Gradually, people are learning healthy interdependence and healing codependency, people pleasing, blocks of abusing oneself by over extending to family members, friends, colleagues etc. Fear of losing jobs and finances is also being healed.”

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