Here's how the digital world can help with disconnecting and bringing you different kinds of inspirations |
Here’s how the digital world can help with disconnecting and bringing you different kinds of inspirations

Here’s how the digital world can help with disconnecting and bringing you different kinds of inspirations

23 May, 2019

Let me begin with a disclaimer: I am not against technology. In fact, it has given me a way to reach my voice to people, share what I know and add value with my knowledge. On the other hand, I have also received inspiration that has shaped me.

So when we talk about disconnecting, it’s important to, firstly, get real and second, do it in a way that serves us.

True disconnection

True disconnecting is when we use that ‘quality time’ to connect to ourselves. It can be for self-knowledge, it can be time off to breathe or meditate; it can be for letting go or for introspecting. What do we need it for it depends on that, right?

Disconnecting doesn’t need us to pack our bags and go to the mountains unless it leads us there.

Where to go and how to disconnect needs to come from each individual – so I’m putting some steps below to make this more effective:

  1. What is my goal for disconnecting:

Identify this clearly. What is your objective? No, I am not asking you to be structured. But if it really needs to benefit you, then clarity is the way to go. I have often needed to disconnect from social media: sometimes to figure what next approach I should take in my start up and sometimes to decide between quitting a job or following my purpose!

  1. What I need to feel when I disconnect:

I know you will tell me: This is obvious! I want to feel peace! Yes, I get it but this too needs to be super clear. On disconnecting from social media, I wanted to feel stillness because I had become disoriented. When I disconnected from mundane ideas to think of a new approach, I wanted to feel freshness. This led on to an event in Sardinia. When I planned to disconnect from my job to know if I should take this uncertain plunge, I needed newness. This resulted in a mountain trip!

  1. What action I need to take to feel real disconnect:

Most people think disconnecting from social media and digital platforms means disconnecting completely! I think that’s taking a myopic view which does not always work. Sometimes I have disconnected from surfing many things on the net and only watched specific persons or subjects on YouTube (e.g.  In one phase of my life I listened only to Abraham Hicks to connect back to my source). So, I didn’t really disconnect from social media and it still led to the inspiration I needed. However, to take the plunge into my purpose, I didn’t need digital inputs at all! In fact, I didn’t need anything familiar and therefore the mountain trip.

  1. How can I extract complete value of disconnecting in order to get inspiration:

Here is one thing that you need to keep in mind. Disconnecting can be customized to extract the inspiration you actually need. One often follows friends and peers and buys in into their meaning of what disconnecting is. But if your intention is right and the route is authentic, then disconnecting in your own way will give you the results you need!

Pro-tip: Disconnecting is a lovely process of unlearning and learning – but the approach needs to be honest.


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