Here's how the pandemic is helping Mother Earth heal! |
Here’s how the pandemic is helping Mother Earth heal!

Here’s how the pandemic is helping Mother Earth heal!

9 Apr, 2020

The global pandemic of Covid 19 is creating a lot of upheaval, resulting into mother earth naturally healing itself, which is inevitably resulting into healing of mankind. Thriive brings you personal experiences of experts and their clients to highlight the importance of inner and outer reflection being presently practiced globally.

Haritha Nayak, an expert in Dream Analysis, Past Life Regression and Angel Therapy from Bangalore said, “It has opened up a pandora’s box. There is a huge awakening of the unconscious during this period of social distancing and isolation. People across the globe have different needs but they have been unable to receive it gracefully due to which a lot of abuse of resources was being witnessed. It is not restricted to deforestation, depletion of the ozone layer, abuse of the animal kingdom, pollution of water bodies etc. We have all been connected superficially with each other through social media but from the heart, we are not connected at all, not with the our immediate family members. Covid 19 is helping to create a new normal.”

 Nayak further explained that if we look at it symbolically, the corona virus is a multiplication of negativity which requires reflection. “When a child becomes mischievous, they need to be disciplined. This virus is disciplining us to introspect and meditate. Meditation is not about forgetting what we were doing in the past. We are supposed to contemplate on the right and wrong doings.”

She further emphasised that the ozone layer has started to heal itself which is an indication for us that the more we go inwards, the more things change on the outside.

She added, “Every human being at every second does contemplative meditation, irrespective of whether they are aware or not. We have inbuilt thoughts and emotions and those not in alignment with our highest good need to be purified. In the last few decades, people have become extremely selfish. Today, people can earn and spend more. They are more inclined towards material wealth , buying many homes and electronic gadgets. But the question is are we being responsible, accountable and committed towards mother earth, ourselves and others. We have polluted the water bodies, burnt and cut trees since long. Can people think about not using plastic at all and instead use eco-friendly products?”

Nayak further added, “Since last two weeks, I am conducting many sessions for clients across the world. Almost 90 percent of the people are contemplating about their erratic lifestyle and how they can correct it.”

Geeta Bhansali, Mumbai based expert in integrated therapies for mind and body, and teacher of ‘Heal Your Life’ workshop said,” The lockdown is for forming new habits and helping us adapt to change, since scientifically it takes 21 days to rewire ourselves. We are the caretakers of our planet and we have been abusing it since many decades. This time is for inner and outer reflection. For instance, if my house is not functioning harmoniously, I shall have to introspect regarding what I have not provided for. Similarly, something has globally gone drastically wrong and it is our responsibility to fix it. It’s a mere micro-organism which had made the entire world stop.”

Bhansali relates her own experience of  how she manifested a brain hemorrhage in April, 2019 and it resulted into a shutdown mode just like the present lockdown. She was hospitalised  for ten days. “Even after I was discharged, I could not eat, sleep, walk or do any work. My life had completely halted. After two months, I realised that there must be so much pressure on my brain due to neglecting my mental, emotional and physical well-being which resulted into this severe medical condition.”

“The rich, the politicians and everyone has been brought to the same level since the virus has spared none. We are all learning to take care of ourselves, our health and when we protect ourselves, we protect others too and vice-versa. Another notable thing that people are learning is in order to receive, people have to give first instead of the old paradigm ways of living, “she added.

Bhansali further stated,”Everybody is in a rat race and this race has to stop. We should look at a four day work policy and not abuse ourselves by working late hours. The mindset of the government authorities, politicians and the corporate honchos will gradually change towards adapting a new lifestyle. It’s a multi-level approach since inner calibration always reflects on the outside. As per yogic practices, a person’s well-being is an amalgamation of five koshas. If there is no harmony, it leads to an imbalance.”

Bhansali shared how the Mahim nature park, which was a dumpyard earlier, but when left to heal itself, it transformed into a beautiful forest. The ozone layer is healing in the same way!

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