Here's how to heal your blocks and live an enriched life |
Here’s how to heal your blocks and live an enriched life

Here’s how to heal your blocks and live an enriched life

1 Jul, 2020

Our memories and traumas from our past lives pose as a challenge to live the best version of ourselves. Fear of love, fear of death, self worth issues, fear of abundance etc. stem from memories of our past and present lives. Most of the past life traumas repeat itself and play out as patterns in our present life. It is important to heal our shadow aspects, emotional wounding and subconscious blocks to improve the quality of our life and try to become fearless. Nelson Mandela said, “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” Hitesh Vashisht, an expert on Past Life Regression therapy, Rebirthing, Family Constellation and Inner Child Healing throws light on some of the major subconscious blocks that most us have, how to figure it out and heal it.
Fear of Love
We feel unloved when we feel we don’t deserve love. For instance, if we feel that our parents don’t love us or if we are going through a tough time and we feel that God does not love us, it stems from a state of not deserving love. It is a byproduct of our social conditioning. We are constantly told that we are imperfect beings and there is something lacking in us. So, we feel “I don’t deserve a good career, a good relationship etc.” This is created due to cellular memories from our past lives. It also arises out of guilt. If we feel that we don’t deserve someone’s love, it is because we have made some mistakes in our past lives and we are carrying memories of it in the present life, which make us feel guilty, undeserving and unloved. This can be healed through Past Life Regression and inner child healing.
Lack of self-worth
 Self-worth issues stem from our childhood traumas. For instance, in our childhood, we may have faced issues with our parents, when they may have punished us for no fault of ours, venting on us due to internal conflicts within themselves or conflicts between parents or lack of conscious parenting and emotional intelligence. Due to this, the self-worth and self-esteem of a child gets affected. These issues can be healed with inner child healing. The root cause of the problem is identified to heal a childhood trauma. Once we heal it completely, our self worth and self esteem is boosted.
Acrophobia- Fear of Heights
If you have ever felt your heart race, as you looked down from the top of a high-rise building, you are not alone. But for some people, their distress is far more serious. Simply thinking about looking down from a high-rise building can lead to intense fear and anxiety. People with acrophobia often avoid situations where they will be exposed to heights. However, this is not always possible. When faced with heights or anticipating them, the nervous system is aroused, as if preparing the body for an emergency. This arousal helps either approach or escape from a threat, commonly known as the fight or flight response. We may experience vertigo, a moving or spinning sensation, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, sweating, anxiety, shaking or trembling, and nausea and an upset stomach. Acrophobia also stems from our past lives. For instance, in case of suicide in past lives from an apartment in a high-rise building, we carry memories from that past life which makes us afraid of heights. Through Past Life Regression sessions, it can be healed completely.
Fear of Death 
Most of us have a fear of death. Death is nothing but a soul’s transition and evolution from one life to the other, in another bodily experience. If we understand the essence and purpose of death, then we will not be afraid of it. We usually have a fear of death from our past lives. Whether it’s a murder, suicide, death due to an accident, drowning etc. Through Past Life Regression, we can heal it. Vashisht states that it depends on our confidence and will power, how we can let go off these memories. Sometimes, only one Past Life Regression session is enough to release death traumas from past lives. In case of Nirbhaya, a lady who was gang-raped and murdered in Delhi in a bus in December, 2012, Vashisht states that although it was a brutal death, such incidents also help to shift the collective consciousness. After Nirbhaya’s death, the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013 was passed for stringent punishment and fast tracking the trials in rape cases.
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