Here's how to shush your negative thoughts |
Here’s how to shush your negative thoughts

Here’s how to shush your negative thoughts

24 Jun, 2020

An average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive thoughts. If we repeat those negative thoughts, we think negative, way more than we think positive thoughts. Life has become uncertain for everyone during this lockdown. It’s very important to surround ourselves with supportive friends and have the right guidance at the right time apart from practicing modalities like access bars, meditation, chakra healing  etc. which can help us to stay positive and calm and keep negative thoughts at bay. Sharad Jagtiani, an actor, singer, Access bars facilitator and life coach discusses how to quiet your negative thoughts, address them, and stay positive.
Surround yourself with good friends
The right guidance at the right time is essential. If a friend suggest to quiet your thoughts or to beat stress, we should go out for a drink, this will only accelerate the problem. Since, it will numb our awareness and our feelings and we would want to forget everything, instead of doing the inner work, feeling our feelings and addressing the problem. Surrounding ourselves with a right inner circle of friends is important for our well-being.
Stay away from negative news
For instance, if we get the news of someone having committed suicide, we are barraged with information. The information received will keep processing in our subconscious mind. The mind will imagine worst scenarios and possibilities of same experiences that could happen to us. It may even lead to triggers of having similar experiences in the past and may lead to triggers. During this time, if we hear that someone whom we know has been affected by Covid-19, our mind will start imagining what if I get infected, what will happen to me, my family members etc. Jagtiani emphasises that we waste our time and emotions through procrastination which may lead to panic. We have to keep our personal vibration high by trying to stay away from negative news in the media and forwards on WhatsApp. If we help ourselves, we can have a positive influence on others too. If we all start reading, watching and talking about negative news, suicides, depression etc. we are neither helping ourselves nor others and bringing each others morale further down.
Meditation, a great tool for grounding 
Meditation helps us to stay in the present moment. Most of the times, negative thoughts arise due to thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Meditation helps us to stay positive and calm and flowing with our lives.
Attitude of Gratitude
After we wake up in the morning, we should write down things that we are grateful for in a gratitude journal. Basic things like being grateful for your mother for preparing breakfast, being grateful for a client, for living comfortably at home etc, for having good food on your plate etc. can be written. Writing it down in the morning sets the right energy for the day. Our relationships improve through our expression of gratitude. Even if we have one client and he has given a certain token amount, we should be grateful for it instead of cribbing that we have less money. Money grows through gratitude and even our network of clients can expand through our attitude of gratitude. This daily practice will also change the way we feel towards situations and others.
Chanting affirmations is a powerful technique. What we speak into existence, we start believing it. Affirmations help us to manifest what we desire.
Don’t engage with negative people
Our vibe attracts our tribe. If we are fearful and we keep talking about negative events in our lives or in others lives, we will keep attracting more of it. Even when we listen to someone to guide them or empower them, we need to remain in high vibrations and not attach to the story. Avoid unnecessary negative criticism and people who bring you down. We can emotionally disconnect from them if their energy is affecting us. Instead we can work on ourselves and when we have changed or they have changed their behaviour, evaluate if we want to talk to them again or not based on how we feel about them.
Access bars can help
In access consciousness, there are two important things. What else is possible? How does it get better than this? For instance, if on a particular day, you don’t get a particular freelance assignment, the Universe has infinite possibilities in store for you that can happen. On the same day, you can be going out for a walk, meeting a friend, spending time with a loved one etc. In access bars, there is also a technique called interesting point of view. When somebody gives an opinion very confidently about you or any situation, if it’s not factually correct and does not fit you or not good for you, it is termed as an interesting point of view. Here, we are not accepting the opinion and being self aware of who we are and how we are, since our own point of view creates our reality as per access consciousness.
Embrace uncertainty
Do the inner work, trust yourself and have faith in the Universe. We should take responsibility for whatever happens in our lives. With this right attitude, we can go a long way, no matter what happens in life. For instance, if someone bullies us to do buttering or to do a certain act which is not in alignment with our soul, to bag a job or keep it, we can always say no and walk away with confidence and faith in ourselves that we will find another better opportunity. Jagtiani stated that giving away our power to others is ridiculous since we can always take full responsibility of our lives instead of buckling under any pressure. Our peace of mind should always be our top priority.
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