Here's how you could start wellness early for your kids: Food, Mindset, Attitude, Gratitude, Health |
Here’s how you could start wellness early for your kids: Food, Mindset, Attitude, Gratitude, Health

Here’s how you could start wellness early for your kids: Food, Mindset, Attitude, Gratitude, Health

4 Dec, 2019

There is no doubt all parents try to do the best for their kids – ours did as well but we have to start seeing some of our current habits from the lens of truth. What would be different today had it been taught to us early on? How we cope with stress? How do we feel about our bodies? How our relationship with food is? While some stuff we can pick up on our own, a lot is coming from childhood. 

This is in no way to blame parents but being aware and expressing this can make the next generation of parents more mindful and make some changes for sure.

To make this easier, let’s put them clearly into these areas:

  • Intellectual wellness
  • Emotional wellness 
  • Physical wellness
  • Nutrition wellness 

To me, this is holistic and can make a child completely ready to be his or her best potential. 

Intellectual wellness: When I went for Dalai Lama’s private teaching, one thing he said was we play 2 roles in our lives – learner and educator – both should be equal all our lives. However, as we grow older, the role of learner is lost – we keep imparting knowledge but forget we can keep learning. I believe if this is ingrained in us while we are still little, maybe we will actively seek such roles! There are different and easy ways of doing this: 

  • Reading weekly out of the school context: It will be ingrained in us that we need to read a book once in a week on topics of our interest, not just what we need to. 
  • Playdate to debate: Sounds hectic but that is the point! Debating on topics that can stimulate kids to think differently. It can keep the curiosity high and apply logic and express their own feelings
  • Walk the same path every day: Select a path every week and ask the child to notice new things that he or she didn’t notice yesterday. This can bring presence and alertness. 
  • Kids journaling: One of the key things I struggle with clients is to make them express fluidly. When they start this early, they would understand that this is not supposed to be hard! 

Emotional wellness: Either it is emotional, mental or spiritual wellness – the main focal point here should be to teach kids how to take responsibility and cope with different scenarios. Life is becoming so fast-paced, competition via digital connection is bringing out extreme emotions and its important that kids know how to deal with it. Some of the ways to do it:

  • Not to connect with them on problems but solutions: When kids cry, we want to immediately hug them and say something soothing or distract them – this is how we connect with kids on problems and make them believe that by doing that they will receive love and attention. We rather through it guide them to a higher place – a place of a solution and make them feel they got this and then give them a big hug! 
  • Cope with failure: We know the consequences of this really well so instead of success what if we celebrate failure? What if we make it a part of life so they don’t feel broken when it happens? Every night during supper we can ask our kids – “So what did you fail at today or didn’t do well or didn’t like today?”. And then celebrate that the child could express.
  • There can many such solutions such as connecting the kids with feelings than just thinking in day to day stuff that can make a child emotionally resilient.

Physical wellness: This is pretty obvious and a lot of progress has been seen in this. Mobility through different forms and experiments can be done regularly. One thing I would emphasize is kids yoga so they know the connection of the body with mind early on and don’t take any exercise and movement goals for granted.

Nutrition wellness: This needs to start in schools itself since kids depend on canteen snacks and food and their temptations also come from here! If we don’t train them and make wellness fun, we won’t be able to fight obesity issues!

  • Good fat – food for the brain needs to be included in daily meals such as nuts and seeds.
  • Food from the earth – we need to help kids understand the difference between wholesome and processed food through farm visits.
  • Mindful eating- through chewing and knowing the flavors, kids today will create a positive relationship with food 
  • Gratitude– one of the most thankless things is food. With abundance, kids can forget to value the entire supply chain that gets food to their table! A daily gratitude practice can make sure they honor the food on their table.

Above our guidelines and easy ideas that can be started from today! Starting wellness early is the best gift we can give to our kids to get them ready for a smashing future.

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