Here's What Thriive Art & Soul Can Do For You... |
Here’s What Thriive Art & Soul Can Do For You…

Here’s What Thriive Art & Soul Can Do For You…

15 Mar, 2018

Suman Addepali tells us what Thriive is all about

I was invited to speak about Thriive Art and Soul at the Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences, 2017 and the Quantum Energy Conclave2, 2018 where I met several healers and therapists from the alternative healing industry. Here is an interesting conversation I had with somebody post my presentation.

Let’s call her Ms. X.

Ms. X – So, what is Thriive?
Suman – Thriive Art & Soul is India’s largest state-of-the-art, global directory of verified alternative healers and therapists from across 150+ alternative health modalities.

Ms. X – Is this something like the online directory, Practo?
Suman – One could say that we are similar to Practo, because the way Practo registers allopaths or medical doctors on its platform and helps them build their presence under one digital roof, Thriive also registers and promotes verified healers and therapists of alternative wellness modalities.

Thriive also allows seekers to assess health issues, find the right therapist through our search engine and book an appointment. Post the appointment, it permits seekers to rate and review therapists they have consulted.

Ms. X – What exactly do you mean by alternative health modalities?
Suman – In simple terms, Alternative Healing Modalities include different types of holistic healing therapies in the world, which aim to restore the person to health and wholeness. These include holistic approaches other than allopathy, which embrace the belief that nothing is ever broken and there is really nothing to ‘fix’.

Unlike traditional medical models, which aim to cure the symptoms of a disease, alternative healing approaches seek to uncover the innate health and wholeness that lies within.

A few examples of modalities are Holographic Healing, Quantum Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Meditation, and Energy Healing. A single modality like ‘Energy Healing’ can include 18 sub-categories such as Reiki Pranic healing, Theta healing, Crystal healing, Access Bars, Vastu Shastra, Psychic surgery, Feng Shui, and Polarity Therapy, to name a few.

Ms. X – I heard you mention something about spiritual events during the presentation. Does Thriive also conduct events?
Suman – Yes. Thriive hosts an impressive roster of wellness workshops and spiritual events globally, including organizing and promoting its own exclusive events facilitated by world-class wellness experts.

Also, over the past ten years, Thriive has been hosting these festivals and conferences which you are currently participating in, namely the Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences (GFSS) and the Quantum Energy Conclave. These events have been setting benchmarks in creating awareness about the fascinating world of alternative healing, wellness and quantum energy. The above two events are held at Pyramid Valley International, which is Thriive’s very serene campus of 28 acres in Bangalore City.

Ms. X – Do you have any benefit for the layperson, if they visit your site for the first time?
Suman – Quite a few, actually. Thriive Art & Soul houses an exclusive library of guided meditations, videos and audios available for free, to help the seeker explore more of this alternative universe.’s most remarkable feature is a deeply researched Ailment-Modality referencing document that answers queries regarding a host of ailments. Besides the above, we are also launching our E-commerce vertical shortly wherein we will retail never-before-seen products to enhance one’s energy and practices.

Ms. X – So, how can I be sure I am getting the best advice for my particular ailment – for e.g. – If I have a migraine and you suggest the top 3 best alternative cures for me, why should I believe you?
Suman – Our Ailment-Modality referencing document has been verified by the most renowned doctors in the medical and alternative wellness field. The Thriive team has done a good job of collating all of their research and experience and mapping it across ailments after understanding the ‘why’ and ‘how patterns behind these ailments.

Ms. X – So you are a big alternative-wellness website. Sounds like tough work to decide which modality one needs.
Suman – Yes, we are indeed a layered and deep website and have tried to incorporate answers for most questions posed in the alternative wellness world. If anyone wants to find the top 3 ways that they can help their health issues through alternative modalities, and also find verified healers in their respective geographies, Thriive will help them find these healers.

Ms. X – Will this be useful for me as a healer?
Suman – Certainly! Thriive works on bringing healers and therapists closer to the people who truly need them. Our website will promote your modality, your work, and workshops, and flaunt your testimonials, and also enhance your visibility in search results, where people are looking for healers or workshops of the modality that you conduct.

Ms. X – Where can I get more information?
Suman – Please visit our website where you can find a lot more information about what we do and a list of some of our registered healers and therapists. If you’re an alternative healer or therapist, you can sign up for a FREE REGISTRATION.

Ms. X – Sounds good. Thank you!
Suman – You are welcome!

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