Here’s why we recommend you to plan a surprise day out with your parents |
Here’s why we recommend you to plan a surprise day out with your parents

Here’s why we recommend you to plan a surprise day out with your parents

13 Jan, 2020

The time pressures of modernized world are making it extremely difficult to keep families connected, and the intervention of electronic distractions add up to an already difficult situation. A number of studies have identified the impact of gadgets, especially smartphones, on how children spend time with their parents. One of these observations published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, found that family members are spending more “alone-time together.”  

In the present scenario, it may seem like parents want nothing more than a couple of meals with their kids during the week, but contrary to popular belief, for today’s parents nothing beats old-time weekend activities to strengthen emotional bonds. As kids, our parents encouraged family vacations and home activities to spend time and explore the world – now, it’s your turn to organize regular family outings for your ageing parents who crave nothing more than communication, attention, and affection. 

Why a day out with your parents is the need of the hour?

For those who underrate the importance of family outings, given below are few points to put things in perspective. Here’s how outings with your parents will help – 

  1. Health Benefits

As per Urban Dictionary, any activity that’s planned a ‘mile away’ is considered as a family outing. Whether your parents like visiting a park nearby or a club to indulge in golfing and boating – the idea is to spend some time away from your home in a new, fresh environment. Several studies have confirmed that spending family time outdoors helps boost mood & energy and reduce stress levels which contribute to better health. If your parents are physically active, include some games or workout sessions and burn calories while still having fun. 

  1. Improves Communication

Let’s admit, most of the parents complain that their children do not open up or give sufficient time at home to communicate on a day to day basis. Planning a surprise outing can be the perfect occasion to interact, socialize, and get comfortable around each other. The overall outcome of increased communication is evident in individual’s performance and productivity. Moreover, by communicating effectively, chances are that the prolonged conflicts, if any, will condense within the family. 

  1. Chance to learn from each other

The best benefit of taking your parents for an outing on a regular basis is that you get to witness first-hand the essential skills needed to be good parents. This, in turn, will help you to have a happy and healthy family of your own when time comes. It’ll also give a chance to your parents to know you and your generation more, especially if you’re a teenager or an early adult. For example, if your parents are keen on learning video games or new trendy apps, what better time than an outing to train them for new things. The joy of learning something new is likely to bring about satisfaction, confidence, a sense of belonging, and contentment. 

  1. Reunites the Family and Creates a Stronger Bond

Children who are studying or working in a different country/city and are in a long-distance relationship with their parents can take full advantage of the time out with family to develop stronger emotional bonds and express the element of love, empathy and care. This is the time to talk to your parents about your new experiences, dreams, fears, and life overall. It’ll also help you to understand the essential thoughts, worries, and stories of your parents that are often not communicated – due to distance, or overlooked in virtual conversations. 

But here comes the question as well as a concern – what different can you do to make them happy? Try out these outdoor and indoor fun activities with your parents that will create special memories – 

  • Visit a zoo or an aquarium 
  • Find a sports venue like a lawn tennis court, golf course, or a badminton court 
  • Take them on an infinity mirror or mystery escape room experience 
  • Join a family-friendly marathon that facilitates same-day registration
  • Head to a long drive to the nearest beach or a fun hidden spot
  • Take a guided and family-friendly full-moon night hike that may include telescope viewing, sunset experiences, and nocturnal wildlife spotting 
  • Dine at a traditional restaurant serving authentic local food
  • Experience the joy of ocean cruising 

The list and possibilities are endless. There are a million things you can do to spend time with your parents meaningfully. Not all outings need to be about fancy dinners or expensive holidays – it can be as simple as taking a long walk or sitting in the backyard of your house with an impressive barbeque set-up. The idea after all is to give your parents a break from their monotonous life, reassure them that they are loved, and revive the closeness and connection in the relationship. If you haven’t surprised them yet, it’s something you should look into – there’s nothing to lose, only closeness to gain! 

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