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Holistic Health: Jobs for wellness in future

Holistic Health: Jobs for wellness in future

28 May, 2019

Imagine a scenario in which a robot brings you food as you are recuperating in a nursing home; or a robot receptionist welcomes you in a spa or clinic and asks you to fill out your details, Well robot receptionists are already present in some places now; but what about the future? What does the future have in store for us?

Job or work environment is not the same anymore because of artificial intelligence which is taking over our lives! As our life expectancy is increasing, wellness industry is going to gain more importance and jobs in this field will increase.

1. Financial wellness coach: because financial health is also an integral part of our mental and physical health. If you have financial issues in your life or you’re not able to manage your finances, it will affect your mental as well as physical well-being and also your relationships. It’s not just about the cash– its how much self-worth we feel when we are financially independent, the confidence we get and so on.

2. Social media therapists or counselors: Our lives on social media are mainly only the positive events that we tend to show! This leads to comparing our lives with the so-called rosy lives of others!! Studies have shown an extended use of social media leads to psychological issues like depression, anxiety, poor sleep, hyperactivity, etc. As our kids and the new generations are exposed to social media from the youngest ages, the need for social media therapists will be on the rise in future .Studies have shown the rise of suicide and depression in high school students is on the rise.

3. Wellness Fitness Counselors: Sure, we have a lot of fun Apps we can download to count our steps or motivate us, but a human as a human and accountability to a human is proven to have more chances of success than an app. These counselors will help us stay on track for our fitness goals in the future.

4. Massage /Physiotherapists/Occupational therapists: Lots of massage chairs, beds or foot massagers and other massagers have been introduced. But a touch from a human hand cannot be replaced and as people will need or issues with their body muscles or aches or pains, these types of therapists will always be in demand!

5. AI Technicians /Nanomedics: With so many artificial intelligence products and robots going to be available in the future there will be an increase obviously for the technicians or engineers to maintain them!! And nanomedics will be working these machines for checkups or surgeries.

6. Mindfulness Centre jobs: With self-discovery retreats or silence retreats on the rise, jobs in such centres will be available.

7. Gene Analysts/ Architects: Imagine if you could know the baby you are going to give birth to has a gene of being dumb or will have a rare disease and you could modify the gene before birth? Wouldn’t you love to make sure the child can be born healthy and lives a normal life? Well such technology is in the early stages and in future will be very popular!

8. End of life Managers: The 80+ population is projected to increase by 79 to 80 %by 2030!! As the population ages and senior citizens are on the rise, we will need geriatric health care and estate managers for them. There will be a shortage of case workers, nurses etc to care for the elderly! Jobs in this industry will be in much demand in the future!

AI will bring a lot of change as well as work opportunities in the future!! Human touch or need will be always needed!!  What jobs in wellness do you think will be important in the future? Would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!!

Geeta Hansaria is a homeopath with a passion for writing, especially food poems, binges on DIY kid crafts and cooks up yummy  ‘thalis’ for her vast Instagram fan following. 

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