How I ‘Thriived’ At Work With Morning Meditation |
How I ‘Thriived’ At Work With Morning Meditation

How I ‘Thriived’ At Work With Morning Meditation

3 Jan, 2018

Teams that meditate together work better together

It is everybody’s wish to have a purposeful start to the day at work. However, it is not always possible to have our wishes fulfilled. But what if I told you that not only can you have an amazing day at work but also thrive in a team with a simple 10-minute meditation? Some of you might get excited and some will think this is yet another ‘how to’ stuff forgotten in a flash. After all,  haven’t we read enough self-help and philosophy but are still struggling to get through the day?

I was always self-motivated and loved the first half at work where I was all pumped-up to do my best, learn, engage and grow. But I also had days when I wished for a doppelganger who I could secretly swap places with. But that was just me living in a fantasy world and knowing it would never take place in reality.

So, what worked, you might wonder!

When I first joined Thriive, it was an office ritual to meditate in the morning before starting work. Being new to meditation, ‘what’s going on?’ was my initial reaction. But it soon turned to excitement and then it became a sort of an addiction. Very soon it became a necessity. It wasn’t very hard to grasp that meditation opened a window to another dimension, an unused source of energy. Whenever I tapped into it, I felt great. At the same time I also started to connect with my co-workers in a manner that would have otherwise taken a few months, even if one has the ‘social butterfly’ kind of personality. When we all meditated together, we were in sync with each other and the understanding between us grew. There were no conflicts, only differences of opinion. The team worked better, knowing we were all one.

We stressed less and laughed more, frowned less and understood more. Not only did it drastically improve the way I used to work in a team, it also had a positive impact on us as individuals.

I say, if you really want to stop rolling your third eye at others, start meditating with your team in the morning before you begin work everyday.

(Deepshikha Dhankhar is a Multimedia Journalist, Content Marketer and Writer who also provides technical SEO, Copywriting and web content services for businesses of all sizes).

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