How to build a bond with your children when stuck indoors during the lockdown |
How to build a bond with your children when stuck indoors during the lockdown

How to build a bond with your children when stuck indoors during the lockdown

9 Apr, 2020

If your little ones are worried or concerned about the Covid 19 virus, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has a free Corona Comic [1] with very basic information that they can easily understand. 

The World Health Organization recommends that parents talk openly to kids about the Covid 19 virus and address all their concerns. According to a healthy parenting advisory issued by WHO, it is important to manage stress and build a positive environment at home. They recommend having a consistent schedule but with free time. It is important to spend at least 20 minutes one on one time with kids, have fun and try to distract them before they do anything wrong. [2] 

“When you realise how little control you have over anything, it is important to not have strict control over our kids. Don’t be very set that your kid has to be in a certain way. You have loosen up a little,” says Hypnotherapist, Tass-Transpersonal Regression Therapist, Yoga and Meditation Teacher Tui Sigman. 

A mother of two kids who are 3 and 8 years old, Tui tries to keep them engaged with reading, colouring, drawing and other activities. She sees that her younger son is easy to entertain because he tags along with her and does his own thing when she is working. For her older son, she has started a great game where she lets him pick a topic from a book every day and then she sets a simple quiz for him. The topics range from a renaissance artist to amoeba. It has become a part of their fun daily routine. 

Tui has shared some tips from her day to day life under lockdown: 

  1. Turn many chores into play time Whether it is cleaning or putting away toys, it is good to turn it into a game. It may be slow or a bit messy but things get done without much stress. 
  2. Try involving the kids in cooking, cleaning and laundry Depending on their age, every child can contribute in some way to the household chores. Toddlers can put things away in the place they are told to put it. School going kids can load the washing machine, fold clothes, peel veggies and fruits and so on. You can assign duties and responsibilities. Let them help out as much as they can to begin with and gradually they will participate more. 
  3. Avoid being very strict with screen time We don’t know how long this situation will last and if we continue with the same rules as before it might be more stressful. Kids also need a distraction. Letting them watch age appropriate content or play video games helps them let the steam off. 
  4. Include activities that are calming or help them blow off steam Water play is good for little kids. A simple game of pouring water from one cup to another or washing their own toys can be messy but it is worth the mess if you have a happy toddler or preschooler at the end of it. If you have a terrace or balcony or even space indoors to play a game like catch, it helps get the endorphins flowing. 
  5. Talk to them about how you feel Instead of bottling up your concerns and letting them pick up on your anxiety and act out or throw tantrums, it helps to talk to them honestly. Kids need to know that you can get through this together as a family. As long as you are reassuring them about that, they will also open up about their concerns, if any. 
  6. Try to do some activity together as a family Tui’s family decided to learn Tai Chi together. They gather around their TV to take a YouTube course. Whether it is a martial art or a language, try to learn something together if you have school going kids. 

Whether you follow these tips or create a routine of your own, don’t forget to include some time for yourself. As you try to create a positive environment for your kids, do remember you include some relaxing activities for yourself and take a break. 


A Comic for Covid-19 Awareness [1] 

[2]World Health Organization Advice for Healthy Parenting

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