How To Choose When Confused? We’ve Got Answers! |
How To Choose When Confused? We’ve Got Answers!

How To Choose When Confused? We’ve Got Answers!

16 Jan, 2018

We’ve got answers for all the questions you had about Chanelling but didn’t know whom to ask!

We got a lot of questions in the mail after we published Ellaeenah’s journey as a Channel. So, we went back to her and got the answers to those questions.

1. Earlier you said we are all God. Could you explain that further?

Deepak Chopra once said: there’s only one fish in the Ocean. So, when I tell people to proudly affirm, “I am God” – many believe it is a conceited egoistic statement. But the truth is that every single one of us is a Radiant Being of Light. Each one of us can channel. All of us have that part of the brain that can access the Higher energies and convert them into words and images. The only reason I appear different in my ability is because I have done a lot of selfwork and cleared the cobwebs around those areas of my brain.

2. But when someone tries to channel guidance, how can they make sure they are actually sourcing the answers and not just indulging in wish fulfilment?

Supposing two job opportunities have come up, both with equal pros and cons and you want to make a decision based on guidance from Higher Spirit. I am using an example as material as this to let people know that we use this ability, which is our strength and our gift to ourselves, even in the most mundane of situations.

Bring yourself into a state of inner calm. In that moment of receiving the guidance, if you feel an absolute sense of peace with not an iota of doubt (the doubts may come later) then you can be sure it is coming from Spirit. But if the direction is coming from your conditioning or intellectual mind, there will be a feeling of toxins; the inner being will not be open and there will be an actual constriction, and you will find that tightness in your forehead. If you pay attention to your body at that time, it will give you the answer very clearly.

3. What is self-work and what does it entail?

Self-work means asking yourself questions, moment to moment. When faced with an obstacle or a conflict, or you haven’t reacted well to someone or they to you, then the self-work involves asking yourself, “What did I do to create this situation. Why was I not able to speak my truth? Why did I become timid/aggressive?” Our emotional conflicts have such deep roots that we are often unconscious of them. They often form a pattern. You gently urge yourself to look within and find the root. This process is a very slow and painful one. Self-work means getting a scientific-emotional (through a psychologist or therapist) as well as spiritual-emotional (from your inner being) explanation for all that you are going through. It opens us to the realisation that we must have the determination to live happily because that is our divine right.

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